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XP Favorite math game suggestions

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I am going to spend next week as review and fun only school. I'd like to have a math game to really drill in the + and - facts with my lil' guys, particularly one that I can focus on specific groups of facts (2, 8, 9). Any suggestions?


Thank you.


Math War? You play with a regular deck of cards and removed the face cards(unless you want to count them as 10). You decide addition or subtraction for the round. Each person puts two cards down: 8 and 2, 3 and 4, etc. You either add or subtract. The person with the highest answer(or lowest) wins. If you both have the same number for an answer then you add two more cards as the tie breaker. I like this because you don't have to buy any new cards to play.


If you want to work on one fact family you could play leap frog. Put the answers to the facts that you want to practice on index cards. You then say: 6 + 3 = what? The child leaps onto the index cards on the floor that says 9(hopefully)

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