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I am currently teaching a class at our local homeschool co op in Programming with Alice and I just wanted to recommend this as a fun entry level programming course. I have 15 girls and boys from 7th -12th grade and they are all enjoying it and doing well.


One of my students went as far as to write a lens on Squidoo explaining about the language and she shows examples of what can be produced - www.squidoo.com/alice-programming.


It is very accessible to modern kids as it is all drop-down menus and graphic based - no learning loads of commands. I use the text book my student talks about. It comes with a CD with the language on it - but that version is buggy, so be sure to download the version found online (it is free)



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what age would you rec this for?

I downloaded it for my oldest (14) but it was too slow for his lack of attention. (might be my vista computer tho, not hte program itself).


However, my 3rd (11) is very interested in computers, but has had little to no expereince with them yet.



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My class is for 7th through 12th grade - and the younger ones are managing easily so far. We are about 1/3 of the way through the book. If your son is 6th grade, I think he would be fine. It is intended for middle school and up.


You probably need a book for him to use to follow along, but if you have downloaded it, he could do the tutorial that comes with it and see if he likes it before you shell out any money



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