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One more Omnibus, question - We are not reformed, will this be an issue?

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I have seen other people say that that wasn't an issue. Personally, I'm Reformed (for now anyway, but that's another story) but I found it TOO Reformed for my taste. I was not happy with quite a number of their introductions, especially in the Bible sections. I have not read the history book intros yet, so I can't comment there. On the other hand, if you're from a somewhat conservative Christian background, the things I had issues with probably wouldn't bother you. I'm thinking mainly of how literally one takes certain passages in the Bible. For the "too Reformed" feel, the way they approached God's sovereignty sounded way too automaton to me, even though I believe in His sovereignty.


I've been loosely using this for Bible with my co-op group and have found that I can generally use most of the questions without any problems, but I don't bother reading most of the intros.

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and my opinion is that it depends on how you intend to use the book. Are you going to be discussing the introductions? How mature is your student with regard to theology?


We liked Omnibus I. It was just what we needed the year we used it, but when our lives got back on track, we went back to Spielvogel, a reading list, and essay writing.

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Yes, it can, but you would want to read the portions titled, "Author and Context" and "Summary and Setting." It's the "Wordlview" section that may have objectionable material. If you have the time, the best thing would be to read the prologues yourself, and decide how much you want your dc to read.


In addition, the questions following each reading are grouped as follows: 1) text analysis, 2) cultural analysis, and 3) Biblical analysis. You can just stick to the text analysis questions and/or pick and choose the Bible questions you want to focus on.



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