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TOG users...is the writing component enough or do you supplement?


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I have 2 ds, 9 & 11. They are not very strong writers, we need something that will teach from the ground up. I was looking at CW Aesop B. Would this be a good fit? Not needed?







I am doing both at the moment. Now I have only been doing both for 3 weeks, so my view might be skewed.


For me CW Aesop is very easy to do, very structured. My dd loves to write, so we are adding in TOG. I love the material, the assignments themselves, well some are great and some are just ok. What I am struggling with and having to come up with on my own is a weekly writing process. Of course I am borrowing from CW and doing just fine, but I can see where people who don't have exposure to CW could feel....totally lost. They do try. In week 2 for instance we read over the steps in writing, but on the schedule they don't implement it. I would like to see it added to the student sheets with a check box for the different stages of writing, just like the page outlines. But they don't. I am cutting and pasting the student sheets into MS Word so I can add it myself. If you are aware of this going in I think you can easily side step and problems, like I am.


If your kids don't care to write I think TOG alone would be fine. If I required my dd to physically write I would have WW III on my hands and not much writing, so she types both and thus is able to produce so much.


I do think TOG writing does a good job of scheduling reasonable assignments, and building skills then reviewing them. Just start your kids out at their proper grade level, and don't overly worry about missing things. Most skills are reviewed every other year (I think formal letters were covered in 2nd, 4th and 7th).




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Or is that the idea behind CW, imitating to learn.


It so hard to decide on things when I can't hold them in my hand!







If you use WA most of the way thorugh, yes it is more than enough. Its a very well thought out program. *Ü*

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