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Calling all Canadians - did you play along with Test the Nation?

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Just wondering if anyone else watches and plays when this is on. Dh and I weren't able to watch Sunday night but we taped it and played last night. I did not do very good - I don't know much about pop culture. Would love to know if anyone else played along.


Here is the link for those who are wondering what this is and want to take the test. Test the Nation is a tv show that is aired once a year (I think) that pits different groups of people against each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly. This year the teams were bloggers, backpackers, cab drivers, chefs, flight crews, and celebrity look-alikes. The teams are in studio answering the questions and people at home can take the test online or during the show and they share the results of the winners and losers. They also keep track of statistics like vegetarians against meat-eaters, etc. It's pretty fun to see where you stack up agains the rest of the nation.

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