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Making Homes Affordable, anyone?

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My husband had to close his business six months ago, and times have been tough. We have fallen behind in our mortgage, and, at the suggestion of a HUD counselor, applied for the Making Homes Affordable, or other modification program. Has anyone been down this road before? I know the mortgage company is drowning in requests right now and it will probably be forever before we hear anything, but just wondering if anyone has actually been approved for this plan.




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I would be glad to PM you privately with some details about our situation. We applied for a loan mod some time ago and are still waiting. It isn't fun.


You may also want to check out loansafe.org. There is a lot of information there. You can read the message boards there as well to here what other people are going through. HTH

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Well, I'd suggest you PM me too, but I am still waiting so I don't have anything to share yet. Every time I call the wait is forever, really like an hour and a half on hold (not kidding), so I haven't tried to call lately to check on my status. Last I was told our file is in review and they will call us.


They will either restructure our loan low enough that we can stay, or if not they will hopefully agree to let us do a short sale. To be honest I don't have too much hope about them being able to reduce our mortgage, so we are preparing to get it up for sale. I am overwhelmed at the thought.


Fill out the paperwork and then just :chillpill:.

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