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WP AS1 ???s

Jan in SC

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It is still fondly remembered and considered my children's favorite history curriculum.


There was a substantial amount of reading involved. I don't remember exact number of minutes/hours, but it was a fair amount.


We didn't do all the activities for the notebooking. Some didn't interest us, but many did. I remember making a really cool titanic article, decorating blue jeans (they loved this) and various other pages.


We also used a separate LA program and only use WP for history. I *think* you'll be very happy and the kiddos too.



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How long does WP AS1 take each day? I have separate LA planned.


Also, how do you like the make your own history notebooks?




I did it back when it used the American History Encyclopedia. After we found our grove it only took us about 30 mins a day. I would introduce the craft and they would work on it while I read the history and RA. We didn't use the Bible portion.


Now the first few months were hard because the kids wanted to do every single craft. It took us two days to get through one day of AS 1, but that didn't last for the whole program. :D




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