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Can I get opinions on the following curricula? These are offered at our local hs high

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Math: Saxon Algebra I & II (never used Saxon so don't know how these do) & Jacobs Geometry


English Composition: Writeshop


Spanish I & II: Bob Jones


Biology: Bob Jones


World Geography: Bob Jones



I've never been a big fan of Bob Jones due to the teacher intensive part - but used in a class it may be better. This is a typical 9th grade track that is offered. None of which I would choose if I was homeschooling at home for 9th. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not. This homeschool high school keeps transcripts for all four years, will count classes they take at home other other places, offers diplomas, and is a small class size - no more than 5 in a class. They also go two days a week - homework on the other 3 days. Just working it all out in my head!

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My dd is loving her Jacobs Geometry - she started it this winter semester, so she has just begun, but really likes the format. She used Lial's for algebra.


We used WriteShop I a few years ago and we spent too much time in the early description modules and should have moved on, but I thought it was a good program.


I used portions of WriteShop II to supplement our Lord of the Rings Literature Study last year and it was helpful for the students.

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The Bob Jones Biology is an excellent book. It was a bit over my ds's nonscience head though. However it will greatly prepare your dc for college as well as an AP exam from what I've gathered from others.



Jan P. (Wildlife and Fisheries Science major in college)

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