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Bow and arrow recs?

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Has he shot one before? Is he strong?


There are ones that adjust the draw weight that would be beneficial at this point in his growth. But really, i'd think talking to someone at a shop would be best. I had a link to a shop that had them cheaper than in the stores, i'll try to find it again.


This is the adjustable type i'm talking about: http://www.genesisbow.com/genpro/index.html (much after this draw weight i think you are getting more into fixed).


He's at an age break that he might quickly advanced past the draw weight you buy now too.


We had a good experience at Bass Pro Shop and a local Gun Shop. Combined with the info from DD's instructor we were able to make a decision.


I think this is the place that had the most youth stuff: http://www.3RiversArchery.com/Youth+Archery_c16_s0_p0_cat.html

eta: no, that isn't them... i'll keep looking! LOL!


OK, i think it was here: http://www.yeoldearcheryshoppe.com/youth-bows-c-195.html?osCsid=084073ae17mb18g5v89g46q472


Also, go check manufactures sites for their full product lines - often you will find the perfect one on there and then can go hunt that down.

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My son is 9 and he just got a compound bow. My husband found it on ebay. It's a Mini-Magnum 20lb bow. It's pretty nice, but 20lbs is a little much for him. We were planning on buying a new one, but discovered that we could get a much better one for less money. I think he paid under $40 with shipping. Good luck.

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