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  1. Does Susan speak at conventions any more? I've been looking for her speaking schedule but it doesn't look like she does that any more.
  2. Wow I really need to update my signature, that was 8 years ago.
  3. She just doesn't have time right now living in London and working retreats and she would like to start college in the fall. She can fill out applications,ect but I didn't really do a really good job of making a portfolio for her. She has a transcript but another mistake we made was she did not take an SAT or ACT. We have been living in missions for the last 7 years and were not thinking about encouraging our kids for college. Our 16 yo dd, just started at Keiser University in NIcaragua, which is the only US accredited college in central America, and they have bent over backwards for us with scholarships, ect. But we left her in the states for a couple of months with my parents for her to prepare for the SAT. I want to be able to talk with the college about scholarships and what she should do about not having an SAT. Can she still take the SAT when she is 20? TIA
  4. So, my dd graduated from homeschooling 1 1/2 years ago. I have a transcript for her but I really don't thing I did a good job preparing for this as she really did not want to go to college. She has been living in London since then, volunteering at a retreat center for schools. Now she is considering going into holistic medicine. Long story short, has anyone called and talked with admission on behalf of their children.
  5. I wasn't sure if this goes in the High School board or here. My dd is applying for the SAT and we were going to apply for the fee waiver but we have to take information to a school counselor. How do we go about this or is there another way for a homeschooler. We are missionaries and are not even registered in any state for homeschooling. She is staying in the states to be able to take the test. Any other advice about applying for colleges or SAT would be much appreciated. Lora
  6. I have read a lot of rave reviews for Song School Latin, but they are all from those who have just began to use it or have finished the first or second year using it. It sounds like a lot of fun for the kids, great introduction to the language, ect. However, for those who have children who used it a few years ago, looking back was it worth it. Really it seems like busy work, fun maybe but is it worth it in the long run. Do they retain anything, except the songs that get stuck in everyone's head, that helps with their continued Latin Studies. TIA, Lora
  7. Looking for other homeschoolers in the area. I am in Sidney. :)
  8. hmm long term goals, that's funny for me who loves to plan and have long term goals. I'm thinking of starting my dd who is 8 1/2 with Grammar Island and Aesop A. I love the looks of all the levels of MCT but I'm not sure what I am going to do with my older children yet. I might just use MCT with them. We have always homeschooled till the last 2 1/2 years where we have been apart of a Charter school where we meet one day and then homeschool the other four. Talk about the best of both worlds. We even used SOTW for history. will be moving shortly though and purely homeschooling again. Anyway, this dd is a great writer. She can write a paragraph with Intro, supporting and concluding sentences. She knows her parts of speech as we were using JAG in their LA class. I think that Grammar Island will be pretty easy for her and I think she will really like CW. I started CW with my oldest girl about three years ago so I am familiar with it. I will have to think out though the long term plan. Thanks, Lora
  9. I am considering MCT for my 3rd grader but I have also really liked CW. Anyone know how the two would mesh? I think that I would use MCT as the main course and just add in a little CW Aesop for extra flavor.
  10. My dd is 14 and is not strong in math. We just finishes Saxon 7/6 and I would say she is about a C student in math. Saxon was a struggle for her. I wouldn't let her read the lesson because she would get more confused. I would help her with each practice problem showing her each step and then she would understand the lesson. However, she would make lots of silly mistakes in computation. I think more so because she doesn't like Math so doesn't really care about it. So, could she move into Algebra without going through a pre-algebra course? TIA, Lora
  11. We will be leaving next year for missions. Not sure where yet. We will receive training in Louisiana for three months and then will be sent from there. I have looked at HSLD a little bit for homeschooling in a different country. I would like some others personal experience and advice. Thanks,
  12. My sone would like a bow for his 10th birthday. We can spend between $100 and $150. Where would be a good place to look and what brand? I've looked at Cabela's but they are really expensive there. TIA
  13. Perfect, I didn't know about those. I'll look into it.:001_smile:
  14. My dd has gone through JAG in 4th and 5th and is in AG right now. I plan on her finishing AG the end of her 7th grade. Do I need to continue with any more grammar after that? She is also learning latin through Latin Prep and Cambridge. For writting, she is using Sentence Composing and a little bit of Put That in Writting Level 1. Where should I go from here in the 8th and high school years. TIA, Lora
  15. I'm a lot like you. We have three set chore times a day for half an hour or till its done which is more like 15minutes. After every meal they do a quick clean up. Sometimes I set the timmer and they have to race around getting everything picked up. They love to see how fast they can get things done. I still have a lot of little ones that just mess up the house a lot. But at least three times a day the four main rooms dinning room, kitchen, livingroom and bathroom are picked up and cleaned. Maybe not perfectly but liveable ;). Other than that I've asked DH to keep the kids accountable to him. If their rooms are not picked up then they get no priveldges in the evening. Saturdays we do a little bit deeper clean. I just make a detailed like of everything I want done like dusting, clean under the couches, scrub bath tub and then the kids chose what they want to do. I tell them they have to pick the not so fun jobs too. That has been the best way for me to get work out the kids and they actually have with it.
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