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best place for science experiment items


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i got the homeschool science catalog in the mail today. wow. so many great things.

i'm totally Dyyyy-iiiinnnnggg to have a venus fly trap biome and to grow tadpoles. . . . but is that the best place to get science stuff? or is there some other site that has better prices, etc.?


oh, and i'll need to purchase some basic things for our nature walks, and other "science-y" stuff .... :) that's the technical term!

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forgot the rest
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I'm sure you could find better prices, but here are some of the places I go to get ideas:


We loved this last year:http://www.acornnaturalists.com/store/STUDENT-OWL-PELLET-KIT-P2683C0.aspx

http://www.nature-watch.com/ (great posters)






I love this



Hope you see something you like:001_smile:

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You might want to look up reviews of the venus fly trap kit. Some of those types of kits get terrible reviews. Like as in you grow them from seed and they never grow:sad:. Even Amazon will have a lot of reviews on science kits. Some of them are consistently flops.

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I have ordered a few things from Home Science Tools. Their prices are pretty reasonable and the customer service is pretty good. One time, I had ordered a microscope set with them and the battery did not work right so they replaced the whole thing as soon as they can.

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