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help with math!

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My DD16 used TT Algebra 1 this past year. She apparently just hasn't gotten it at ALL! We are no going back through the book from the beginning over the summer and trying to retain everything we learned with the help of a tutor every Friday for one hour.


I have thought about putting her in a classical tutorial program we have here for Math, but I am not sure this would do the trick since she would have a textbook w/o CD if and when she got stuck on a problem. She would only have someone to guide her 2 days per week 1 hour a day. I really think she needs more then that.


I think we are going to move onto Algebra 2 in stead of Geometry while its still fresh in her mind. I know we cant go back to TT because it just DID NOT work for us.


Anyone have any suggestions for a math program for a child that just isn't getting it at all? All opinions completely welcome! :D

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My dd 15 would cry every time we pulled out the math books and nothing seemed to click for her. When she was 11, I stumbled across Math-U-See and gave it a try. After the first few lessons, she was loving it! Now, she is wanting to take algerbra during the summer break! She is wanting to catch up so has planned out the next year so she can "be on grade level" in math. (This is her motivation, not mine.) Anyway, all this rambling to say, we have loved MUS. It has focus on one process at a time. So they can really know it before they move on. My dd is doing most of it on her own. I only help when she is stuck and needs to think through a solution. This is amazing from someone who thought she hated math! :)


Hope this helps. I know it can be frustrating to find what works.

Blessings~ Nicole

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It could be that TT was not a good fit for your dd. MUS can be helpful for dc who don't learn math other ways. However, we're going to use Life of Fred Algebra 1 for my second dd this year, which uses a story to do the teaching.


Sometimes Algebra 1 just needs to be done twice. We're doing this and my dd doesn't struggle with Algebra. However, I thought she'd benefit from doing it again (she wants to get scholarships) and she's learning so much more of the thinking behind Algebra, which I'm very happy about. Mean mom that I am, I now plan to have all my dc do Algebra 1 twice.

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