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MFW: 1850s - modern times -- any opinions


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I really liked 1850-Modern Times. My oldest ds enjoyed the States Games and Capital Games and has no problem pointing out any state on the map now. I also loved their Science. The only downfall I see is that there was a lot of History to study each week and I found that we could not cover it all and I had to pick and choose.

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I'm using it with a 6th and 3rd grader. We've used MFW all along. Working great for us. Love the range of book basket books for enrichment reading. I like the outlining in SOTW AB and all of that. I really like how MFW lets my 3rd grader have a year of American culture study and fun.


The Bible time has been wonderful for us. I love praying as a family for the nations and having the family style devotions that are a part of this year.


We like the Presidents' study. I have my 6th grader add a bit of reading on each president by just using Fandex cards as reading.


My 3rd grader is doing great with the states and capitals and loves that part.


Science -- that's good.

lots of great stuff in 1850-MOD. Depending on work load that your oldest can handle it might be too much.



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