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Hey, smart, techie people! Please help out a techno-idiot!

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I obtained the key to Wheelock's Latin - Yea! The workbook key could be downloaded by chapter or as one big document. I chose to do it as one big document. The textbook answers, however, were only available by chapter. So I downloaded all forty of them. There are in some sort of Adobe Reader file (see how techie I am? :tongue_smilie:). Is there some way I can condense them into one big file? I would really like to send this to a printer and have a paper copy printed out. BTW, do printers do this? I just assumed they did. But, it sure would be easier to have one document rather than 40. I would like to keep the 40 separate ones if I could as well, but I just want to condense them and get a hard copy printed for ease of use and in case our computer dies.


Many thanks, oh, smart, techie people!

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Make a new folder titled Wheelocks Answer Key, save all the 40 files to the Wheelocks folder, and then copy the Wheelocks's folder to a cd to take to Staples or any place that can print it for you?? I am the queen of computer ineptness until I was forced to figure it out myself ever since husband traveled extensively and I couldn't wait for him to do it for me. Besides, he went on a strike and refused to be the IT person in our house anymoreand declared that it's time for all of us to learn . So now, I asked my dd8 to figure it out for me. We have 5 PCs and 1 Mac.

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