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9th Grade Goverment?

Guest Princess

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Guest Princess



I have a rising 9th grade dd who will need a government credit for 9th grade. Any ideas? Thanks so much!



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Notgrass puts out a text that I've heard is good. I used their American History book in 8th grade and found it rather comprehensive. It combines many primary source speeches, poems, and other narratives, with a (dryish) text. I added my own supplementary material for US government in the junior high years:


The Story of the Constitution

Your Rugged Constitution

Critical Thinking in US History (for assorted Supreme Court cases)


I don't think kids go too much more in depth until 12th grade, after an intensive US History year.


Hope that helps,


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My 14yo ds 9th grade is taking govt this year.


First he read Painless American Govt

Then he watched the 2 Standard Deviant Govt DVD's


Next he read America Votes!

Then he watched a video on Elizabet Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.


Now we are watching and discussing the Teaching Company's Cycles of American Political Theory.


Also, Great Source has an American Govt text that has been mention on this board.




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