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Has anyone tried Saxon teacher with Adv. math?

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I am thinking about switching back to Saxon after using Teaching Textbooks for Geometry and Alg. 2. The problem is I can't help my son in the subject and need good explanations as well as the problems worked out and explained if needed. Does Saxon teacher do a good job in this? My son didn't have much luck with the DIVE CD for Algebra. He really needed more problems worked out for him to watch. I could use some advice. I'm a bit afraid of going back to Saxon after his difficulty with Alg. 1. Thanks.

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If you do plan to switch to Saxon after TT, I highly suggest taking the placement test before puting him into Saxon Adv math. I wish I could help with the saxon teacher, but we just bought the saxon teacher/advanced math set for fall and haven't used it yet.

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My dd16 started out with Saxon Algebra 1 and had a difficult time. I think it was a brain maturity thing. She switched to TT Algebra 1, completed that and is now testing out of Saxon Algebra 1 while completing TT Geometry. We decided to do this because she felt TT was a bit light. She tested through to the 20's lessons before she had any trouble. She will work the remaining tests (less than 10 now) and stop as necessary to do any lessons that need remediation. This has worked well, has given her the chance to apply what she learned in TT but to a higher degree. She has decided she likes Saxon so much more and wants to use it for Algebra 2 in the fall along with the Saxon Teacher cd-roms.


All this to say...you might have your student look through some previous levels of Saxon if you can get your hands on them...possibly test through the books, just to make sure nothing was missed. I know my dd has come across several things that TT did not cover. But, mostly she has been able to apply what she learned in TT, even to more difficult problems in Saxon.


I think the Saxon Teacher is going to be wonderful. It is very much like TT cd's...lessons, works out problems and tests, etc.


Good luck.


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