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National History Day

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Anyone else participating in the National History Day this year? We just mailed off our research papers-- the Pittsburgh competition is next month. This is a neat program that challenges the students to write a 10 page history report (or an exhibit or skit or such), and present it to judges for discussion. It's our third year doing it, and it really is remarkable how much easier these things are after you have done it a few times! Highly recommended...



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This is also our first time, and we only found out about it here about 3-4 weeks ago. My 13 yo ds is working on a paper on this year's theme. Whether or not he'll get it finished in time for the deadline (in 3 weeks?) is up in the air. He's been on visitation at his father's house for 3 weeks, supposed to get all his research done while there, but it doesn't sound like he's been doing too much what with all the video/computer games and visiting with Grandma/Aunt/cousins over NH school vacation week. I figure it's good practice in writing a research paper either way, and now that we know about it we can make it a goal to meet the deadline next year.


The state coordinators tell me that it isn't a very big event here in NH. That's too bad :( because it is a great opportunity!

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