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  1. Thank you! I work well that way, anyways. He needs significant help in spelling (he is asynchronous--brilliant in math and science, but these areas are SO hard for him!), so we will do 5 days a week, and hour a day, of spelling and writing combined, so as not to overwhelm him. Thanks for the heads up about it ramping up after week 10--that's good to keep in mind. We are good at playing it by ear :0) Thanks!
  2. I am starting Level 1 with my 7th grade son. He has had some IEW, but we have gone slowly, as he is dysgraphic, and the physical act of writing is very difficult. I do let him type or speak as much as I can. That said, I plan to have him take this course over 1.5 years. Any suggestions for how to slow it down but keep the fluidity of the weeks?
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