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  1. He had picked out a new toy (some alien launcher watch thing haha) a couple of weeks ago when we were in the doldrums a bit and I figured some motivation would be good. I had it waiting for him to open after lessons were done for the day. It's been a fun day for sure!
  2. You all were so helpful! We finished today! I can't believe it. He just loved moved along the chart, and by the end he can totally spell words by ear with the cards. I'm blown away. He was even able to tell me why the word "ten" sounded like it was vibrating but the sound /t/ was quiet. "Oh because the /e/ and the /n/ are vibrating sounds too!" Gosh ya'll, it just warmed my heart. I really liked the order in which the sounds were introduced as it helped me see what I thought was an obvious difference in sounds, was really quite subtle. It helped me as a teacher to know what I neede
  3. I'm coming back to this now that we have finished. Thank you!
  4. I definitely appreciate that advice going forward. I will look into ways to be sure he’s understanding the meaning as we go along. I’m not sure it can work in Level 1, as it’s all auditory still? Level 2 ramps up fast though with written phrases in the second lesson, so definitely we can work on it there.
  5. Just wanted to update that after almost 3 weeks, he has made SO much progress! Today, for the first time, we were able to get through all procedures (review game, discover sounds, play which word, sequence with cards, sequence with tiles) in one sitting! This usually took about 3 sessions. He enjoys the cards a lot, having so much fun with the review games. When I told him he would have around 20 cards in his hand eventually, his eyes bugged out with excitement. He feels really confident and proud of himself. Things I've done per everyone's great advice is to move back to my office to a
  6. Unless you qualify for medicaid, there's no help here. NC isn't winning any awards with assisting folks. Had we not decided to homeschool due to COVID, I could have thrown our hat in for the lottery for a disability grant to cover homeschool/therapy costs. I've no doubt funding for that will be even smaller this year though. I hadn't had a chance to look at the link, I will! That makes sense to me, integrating them that way. He told me today he likes the pictures, so I'll keep going as written, but cleaning it up visually and see where we are. Thank you all SO much! I was fe
  7. Thanks for your input! This is just our first two sessions actually teaching sounds. We only have done /m/ and /n/ on separate days. I think it was just the language that was confusing, but I see now that same language is in Barton too so I see why they chose that. I'm looking at the first lesson in Barton 1, and I think I'm missing what I'm truly attacking. If I wittle down FIS to make it less wordy, which all it is is matching sound pictures to sounds, then segmenting with tiles, how is it different from going very slowly in Barton 1? Lesson 1 of Barton 1 asks him to break apart two sounds w
  8. Because I think he may have it and what progress can be made with anything if he cannot focus? You've told me before that meds can be a game changer. I've seen it with my daughter too. If even with minimal language he is looking at everything in the room but me, thinking about what he's going to do next and so on, maybe that needs to be dealt with to set the stage for him to receive instruction. By the same token, relaxing instruction and just doing reflex work for 30 days or what have may be enough to help too for now. I've read so much about all that it takes to make a child table ready when
  9. I've got videos cued up. It's been hard to test him myself as he kind of laughs his way through it all lol. I figure I can assume he has some and just do the exercises anyway. We all need a little more movement these days. It's hard for me because I don't realize the extent of his language issues until times like this, and it's yet to come up on testing. I don't know that I want to go through more academic testing this year. We get along fine for the most part until it hits me in the face that he may very well be clueless to anything that isn't a concrete concept in his head. Do I need to
  10. I do need to immerse myself in the thought behind these programs again. It's been years since DD1 was in the thick of Barton. Thank you! It's hard to see the other side of this, I appreciate the encouragement.
  11. Yea, it was in my long thread from the summer when I was debating what to do. I've read many times about their lack of qualifications but it kept getting recommended to me for its ease of delivery on the parent anyway ya know? Also, when Susan Barton says she's never using LIPS again, well, I just said to heck with it and bought FIS so I didn't have to try to wrap my head around the former haha. You're speaking to my exact feeling, my gut, that the meat of this is good, but because of his extra stuff going on, its just extra for no reason in his case. I've gotta put away all the fluff. I
  12. I could maybe leave it set out, it seems kinda busy/overwhelming to me though with all those big cards across the table. I have a desk in my office closet I could use for it and bring him back here solo where it's more quiet to see if that helps. I wonder about just leaving them to the side for a bit to cut down on the visual stimuli. The first day, we could only get through the intro. We are essentially doing only one procedure a day. That has us taking a full week per lesson. I forget that 7 is young when he's coming up on second grade and not reading. I keep debating with just giving him ti
  13. That’s a good idea, I will contact them! Maybe I just need to give it more time for him to get used to what I’m asking. Maybe attention is something we really need to address, I just don’t really know what is outside of typical 7yo and or boy behavior. My daughters were attentive angels making not preparing me a bit haha. I worry it’s even more stress on his mind, to hear the sound I say, remember it, associate it with a sound picture and then answer my question. If I’m thinking that though, attention must be a good ways outside of normal range. 🤔
  14. Hi all, We're underway and going slowly with Foundation in Sounds for my 7yo (ASD and maybe adhd plus the usual LD suspects). I'm finding during our sessions, I'm talking *so* much with the script and asking him so many repetitive questions trying to get him to focus, that I worry it's more distracting than helping. We are only able to get through one procedure before his attention span is toast. If he doesn't repeat what I said, he won't remember anything. I'm asking him whether sounds are vibrating or quiet and half the time I think he's guessing. I don't know, I just guess I need some
  15. Time Left: 5 days and 6 hours

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  16. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have so many pdfs and things all over the place, I really think this will help streamline my mornings.
  17. Thanks! I will look into this, though I don't think we have something official enough on his IEP. I wonder if they'll just accept the fact that he has reading goals, but he's not classified as SLD reading officially.
  18. This is my current dilemma for sure. Something that is open and go is so appealing, but I also don't want to still have holes after we are done. He definitely has language issues (think wh questions and what not). I think he can make all sounds fairly easily though. Some of the issues raised in the previous poster's thread do give me pause as to whether it's right for him (ie it's prep for Barton but not much more than that).
  19. Thank you so much for your input! Open and go is really a plus! I have Barton 1 and 2 sitting here already so we definitely plan to move right on into that. I've been watching the videos and you're totally right, I was thinking " It seems so simple!" But there's a beauty in a methodical process that covers all the bases, since he struggled with every part of the Barton screening. The last part being just completely out of the question. I'll try to see if I can find your thread! It's nice to hear she was the same age too. DS likely has the attention span of an average 5yo though haha.
  20. Doh I missed that part! He liked doing it though so when we do it again I’ll have him repeat. I stumbled on Hearbuilders on that site and it looks fantastic too?! 60 day free trial and there seems to be a ton of activities for auditory memory, following directions Etc. He was pretty engaged with it, the storylines are cute, so I’m going to give that a try too as well for variety. 5yo DS with some residual funky speech was into it too.
  21. Yea, I dare say I need to see about some objective adhd type eval with him too along with apd. I don’t believe that’s ever been looked at either as he was too young. I finally dug into Ronit Bird’s dot pattern book last night and WOW! Thank you SO much for that. I know he (and I) will enjoy those lessons and I am just in awe at how incremental it is. It is perfection, and I’m forever grateful for all the advice here. Looking at it, I can see how you’re totally right, he isn’t ready for Rightstart! So I think we will try FIS, the Super Duper grammar processing for some language work, D
  22. My point by saying that, is if a second grader doesn't have the working memory to remember 3 sounds in their mind, continuing on in *any* traditional program, before that is addressed seems counterproductive. Hence, why they say use FIS or LIPS or something. Maybe our time would be better spent pausing something like Reading Mastery, or whatever "program" and just work on getting his mind actually ready to truly receive phonics instruction. This is what I was wondering, if anyone had ideas for what to do before we dive back in to a says /a/ a/ ah/ and what have you. I've done two levels with
  23. Worksheets for Reading Mastery. The printouts we have would likely only last a month or so, so I was wanting to start fresh. This would also ensure that I know what he's seen already and is capable of doing. Some of them work on wh questions though so I don't mind throwing it in for variety's sake. If he is not even ready for Barton, it would seem he's not truly ready for this either?
  24. I just don't know. I was looking for something hands on like AAR/Barton with the tiles and stuff. I have a giant stack of worksheets they printed off for me and it felt like busywork since he could do it all no problem. I dunno, it's been a while since I looked through it.
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