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  1. From the Guardian article, I really liked the "digital resilience - learn to use technology in a measured, controlled way." It seems like this is what we're all trying to navigate - what are the concrete strategies I can use to support my child's digital resilience? I've really liked Mimi Ito's work - she has a quick (2 min) interview here where she talks about some of the issues raised in this thread (socialization, different generations) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58X7YPebJVo&t=2s The analogy earlier of not providing a bike helmet doesn't fit for me. The bike would be a means of participation in one's community - which is what social media provides. Taking away all new media is like taking away the bike. The helmet would be developing the resilience. Ito et al.'s Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out explored how youth used new media - it's older now (2010), but I really liked how they framed participation. A sort of entry level participation is Hanging Out, which is friendship driven. This is an extension of the youth's existing social sphere and a reaction to the loss of geographical spaces to "hang out" (the mall, roller skating...). Messing Around is exploration driven - random or focused exploration of an area of interest. Typically the youth still has a geographically-local mentor. Geeking Out is interest-driven and where there is no longer a geographically-local mentor. This involves self-directed, deeper learning. The youth's expertise has outpaced his/her community, so he looks to mentors or peers in the larger online context. I've seen these different uses in my own practice and habits, and I've found it valuable to be able to recognize how I'm using my time online and to make adjustments. The consideration of purpose has been valuable for me in these decisions (for myself and my kids).
  2. Another Gaiman that I loved was Stardust - it's more in line with Odd than Coraline or Graveyard. It has a scene right at the beginning where the main character is conceived. I read it before kids, and I remember being disappointed I wouldn't be able to share it with my students at the time (6-8th gd) because otherwise I really liked it and it seemed appropriate.
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