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  1. It's so hard but you did the right thing. The fact that he isn't responding to your direct question is very telling. He wants it both ways which is impossible and he is going to blame you for rocking the boat. It's a classic way of manipulating people. The sentence from his email is ridiculous. Would you be applying judgment if you said that the kids needed to wear shoes in Sunday School? This really sucks and I am SO sorry that you must go through this. Remember that they are putting you through this. It is not the other way around even though they are blaming you. If
  2. Get out - get out - get out! Seriously, Mercy. They crossed the line here. They could have told you this without criticizing you for being judgmental. That's spiritually abusive language. It's telling that they went there. Get far away from any church that engages in that kind of spiritual and emotional manipulation. It's not healthy for you or your child. I'm serious - if your child was at risk, they would not protect him or her (sorry - don't remember). This is the crap churches told victims who spoke out about abuse. It's bad, bad, bad. ETA to take
  3. I know how you feel. I began aggressively unfriending and unfollowing people about a year ago. It made things much more pleasant. None of the people who were left on my FB at the beginning of COVID cluttered my feed with dumb conspiracies or mask protests. What is exhausting for me is realizing how bad it really is. It's depressing. There is no quick fix. It's not like those people yelling about masks are going to change their minds. Thankfully I don't need to deal with this in my family.
  4. The authors of one of the studies I read, queried teachers about the methods they used and how often they modified those methods for individual students. The study found that teachers frequently differentiate spelling instruction. I wish I could find those articles now. They were very interesting. I remember reading that there isn't much evidence about spelling instruction. It's very difficult to measure effectiveness.
  5. My kid is a bad speller so I did some research on this last year. I looked for evidence based methods for spelling instruction. I'm sure people will disagree but based on what I read, I concluded that there was not "one" method to teach spelling. I read some good articles last year but I can't find them now. The only consistency in the articles I read is that everyone agrees that the the traditional methods used in schools (lists and activities) are not very effective. I remember one article where the author alleged some children will learn to spell regardless of the method used and woul
  6. The point being that it's way more complicated than they make it out to be. Their definition of classical is what they do. It's fundamentally dishonest, in my opinion. Just like they claim they want to preserve "western culture." What is "western culture?" What is the "west?" Does the west include Byzantium? I think these questions can be answered in different ways. But essentially what these guys do is define the west as what they think is good. It's like with John Senior's good books list which is actually just a list of books he liked. It's all about marketing. "Clas
  7. One thing that bugs me about all of the people in that world, e.g. Circe, MP, etc., is that they claim that what they do is "Christian Classical Education" without acknowledging how much what they do is actually modern. I know it's a marketing thing. "Christian Classical" sounds better than "Neo-Classical." But it's dishonest. I have friends whose kids attend a Great Hearts school. Great Hearts has charter "classical" schools in several states. These parents claim their children are receiving a "classical education." These men are all deliberately vague when they write about classi
  8. I'm glad. I really liked that video too. I'm so glad to see her discussing HSing again. I read her book years ago but she had dropped off of the scene before I began researching HSing. She actually got chased away based on what I remember reading online years ago. She started using some Waldorf curricula and was criticized by some Catholic HSers. I think her feelings were very hurt and she stopped discussing HSing online.
  9. I used to follow Circe on FB. I finally stopped following them after they posted a really terrible (IMHO) article about a kid starting at a classical school. I thought the author placed too much blame on parents. I'm not big fans of anyone you mentioned. I'm pretty skeptical about the "Christian classical" movement anyway. Those men talk down to the HSing moms who follow them. I've heard all of these men claim that "Christian classical education" (as they define it) is the way that everyone was educated before Dewey or whatever. That's way too simplistic.
  10. I think Bonnie Landry is just trying to help new homeschoolers and make a little bit of money on the side. She sells her booklets for next to nothing. I think she recently offered an online class on paragraph writing that cost $15. Her YT videos aren't even monetized. I posted on the thread about Youtube videos how Elizabeth Foss released a video about homeschooling. I think she's coming from the same place as Bonnie; trying to help new homeschooling families. I also love Julie Bogart even though I couldn't use her products either. She isn't one of those people who glosses over the
  11. For us is that my daughter hated working on the same passage for an entire week. Also, I'm not sure that using children's literature is the best way to learn how to write. Most of our kids will not do creative writing. But what I really appreciate about Julie Bogart is that she advocates different ways of teaching writing than what you see in the canned programs. I think she's a nice to the "classical" writing programs like CC and W&R. The more I think about this (and I'm not at all experienced so I don't actually know anything) is that learning to write requires individualized
  12. I think there is more to the process than these experienced HSing parents put in their books and advice. You can't just pick up Julie Bogart's books and achieve what she did. There is more to it but it's so ingrained in them that they couldn't put it in their books. I think that sometimes we want to be these people. We live in a consumerist society so when we want to be a certain kind of person we buy the things that kind of person buys, KWIM? For HSing, that means we buy their books and/or curricula or buy the curricula that they use. I love Julia Bogart but I can't be her. The Ar
  13. Her videos aren't monetized so I don't think she makes money off of the videos. No ads pop up when I watch them. As I understand Youtube, the money comes from the ads that play during the video. She does sell her booklets though. You can buy them on Amazon for Kindle. They're super cheap. Looks like about $3.
  14. I've been watching all of the Bonnie Landry videos on her Youtube channel. Has anyone here followed her advice? it seems that her main thing is dictation. Dictation was always super stressful in our house. She describes dictation as "cozy." I read some of her books a few years ago but they didn't really sink in. I've been re-reading them as I've watched her videos. She emphasizes the importance of relationships in homeschooling. I find that I need to remind myself that even though we are working on something academic, the relationship is ultimately the most important thing. She tal
  15. Do you see how it's a privilege to be able to retreat and not deal with the "race stuff?" You say you feel powerless. Does that make it easier to understand how other people feel? There isn't a quick fix here like a tutor or a new class.
  16. This isn't what any of us want to hear but this is supposed to be painful. It should be hard. If it's too easy then you're not going in the correct direction.
  17. When you were in school, did the white kids and the African American kids sit at the same lunch table? Was the racial makeup of the honors classes consistent with the racial makeup of your school? Was there a neighborhood in town where most of the African Americans lived? When did you have your first (if ever) African American teacher?
  18. You can't just fix one thing that is part of a bad system. I can't speak specifically to the Texas plan as I do not live in Texas. But there are people advocating for plans that would probably help. What so often happens in this country is that something is done half way. It fails and we all conclude that nothing can help. That's not true. Okay, first you've definitely seen someone be discriminated against. We all have. We might not have recognized it as discrimination but it was still discrimination. These problems are not limited to the big city. I don't mean to sound s
  19. Honestly, how do you not know about laws and policies that promote inequality?
  20. Exactly. So often the Christian response is, "get over it" or "forgive and forget." It glosses over the need to heal and make things right. A Catholic priest explained purgatory to me this way. When we sin, we cause damage. We ask God for forgiveness and He forgives us but it does not fix the damage. I'm thinking of those Duggar girls who had to forgive their brother and keep living with him. There's something wrong with the idea that we forgive and "move on." Also, I think the decision to move on should be made by the victims. It's not up to me as a white person
  21. When all of this blew up in my church, it made me understand how the sex abuse scandals in churches happened. Like I wrote, it's never just about masks. Masks are such a divisive issue because it's never just masks. It stands for something for the people choosing not to wear them. I think the underlying issue is "us versus them." People choose what media to trust and which authority figures to trust WRT masks. Why did they chose that person? Usually because of "us versus them." The people who agree with us about these social issues think this is a hoax so it's a hoax. That's the me
  22. This is pretty much why we left. It's never just masks. Why no masks? What does that tell you about them? I read some advice somewhere about staying in relationships with people who disagree with you about fundamental issues. Is give and take allowed? Or is it always one-sided? Is one person/side always asked to accommodate everyone else? What we discovered when all of this blew up for us was that it went way beyond COVID.
  23. Addressing this since I advised leaving. I did not advise leaving because the sins they are immoral and should be avoided. We need to trust the people with whom we worship. I cannot trust people who do not understand how disease works. What we learned when all of this blew up in our church was that there were other risks in addition to COVID. Overall, there was a cavalier attitude about risk. And why do these people refuse to listen to scientific authority? What does that tell us about their world-view?
  24. I'm one of those who advised leaving. We left our church over a combination of issues brought to the forefront due to refusal to take proper precautions against COVID. It's never just not wearing a mask or social distancing. People who refuse to take COVID seriously have a completely different value structure than I do. We recently spoke to a friend. She's an elderly woman and has not been able to attend church since all of this began. She would like to receive communion. In our religion (Eastern Orthodoxy) receiving communion is extremely important. Her priest, who does not take this se
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