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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I didn't realize that audible.fr existed. :)
  2. Something for my 9 year old. Any length is fine.
  3. Can anyone recommend any French audiobooks, or favourite readers? I'm looking for children's books (translated are fine) read not too quickly, with not too thick an accent. I suppose I mean not too regional. I am adding some extra read-along time to build fluency this year.
  4. We are planing to transition to MEP math once my girls finish Miquon. So far, I plan to use the review lessons from Year 3 for revision/placement, and then go on to Year 4. Looking at the materials though, there are so many bits and pieces that I'm looking for some feedback from someone who has used the program. Am I right that the main content is in the lesson plans? And if so, do they require the copymasters to teach? And then there are the practice books - extra practice, or central? My aim is not at all to do the least we can get away with, but I really don't know how much to print. My eldest is very math minded. Thank you!
  5. I tried using two programs simultaneously for a while with my eldest, and she became very frustrated at her lack of progress. She is very strong in mathematics, but it seemed like she would never reach the end. So we dropped one, her enjoyment returned, and she sped through. Occasionally we add in bits and pieces in areas of interest or when she needs more practice.
  6. I'm looking for French programs to suggest to a friend. She has two children, age 9, fluent in Spanish and English, and plans to introduce French next year. Her own first language is Spanish. I've never used an FSL program since our house is already bilingual. Any recommendations?
  7. Thanks. I'll check these out. Can anyone recommend a good French atlas? Many of the ones I've seen have too many pictures and symbols to leave a clear view of the land.
  8. We are using The Story of the World for history this year (gr 1-2). We'll use the English text, and discuss in French. I am trying to find a French equivalent to the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, and a good French atlas. Any recommendations?
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