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  1. We're in Texas, but she's interested in out-of-state schools. Good to know about your daughter's experience in Senegal. I'm very nervous, but she's so excited for such an adventure. Looking forward to being on the other side of the college app process! I'm sure it will be a big relief to her to have it taken care of before she leaves so she can focus on her experience there.
  2. I've not been on the forums for a while, but DD2 received a YES Abroad Scholarship to study for a year in Senegal, so we're suddenly needing to move up the college application process considerably so that she can finish applications before she leaves. She is pretty sure she wants to go into nursing, potentially with a long-term goal of Nurse Practitioner or CNM. My concerns are that she doesn't have nursing experience (so it's hard to know if she'll change her mind), and I'd really like her to have a broader liberal arts education before focusing in on a career area. Picking a school based on nursing programs significantly limits this part of the college experience, as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any advice on smaller, liberal arts colleges that also have a nursing program? Or good recommendations on nursing programs that have unique approaches with perhaps more emphasis on humanities and the arts? Thanks! ~shewhoseeks
  3. For her Silver Award, she got involved with environmental impacts of fracking and learned about the really poor air quality in our area, so she's working on a project to improve air quality using plants and working with Master Gardeners to develop a "pass it on" approach to propagating and distributing these. It's a nice mix of her Bronze and Silver. For her Bronze, her troop worked together to start a community garden and then built wheelchair accessible raised beds for a local nursing home. We've certainly had trouble finding the sustainable type projects that aren't a one-time deal. Good luck to your daughter and troop!
  4. My daughter finally got everything submitted for her Gold Award Proposal. She's excited that it will actually tie in with the work she did for her Silver Award, but with a bigger actual impact. Now, I'm just hoping she can actually get it all done while also keeping up with her difficult courseload this year!
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