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  1. Thank you to the person who recommended The Housekeeper and The Professor. Such a beautiful, meaningful book!

    1. Alice


      It might have been me....I mentioned it on a thread recently. It is a fantastic book! Glad you liked it.

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  2. So the doctor called in a bottle of antibiotic that cost $170 for Grace. Yeah, that's not happening. Not sure what to do now. Can I call the doctor's office tomorrow and say, "Apparently you read the last name on her chart wrong. It's not Walton, Hilton, Trump, or Gates. We need poor folk antibiotics."

    1. Alice


      Call your doctor and ask for another prescription. I have very little knowledge of what meds cost, especially since it varies by insurance plan and pharmacy. I know some that are more expensive and some that are less but I'm often surprised when patients tell me what their cost is.

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