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  1. Ok, those look awesome but do you have any suggestions of what to use for the remaining years, say Enlightenment to present? Thanks!
  2. If you could only pick three books to use for your high school World History curriculum, what would you choose?
  3. Ha! Pass the bean dip...:). I think I could hug a Phd. in math for that. :) I feel the same way about Saxon (and math was not natural for me, but if I worked hard at it, I could get Bs). My oldest did fine with Saxon until Adv. Math, but she may just be in a rough patch. We will see. My son is like you, I just know it. When he was a kid in Singapore, he absolutely NEVER struggled in math. We thought he was headed for engineering for sure (he definitely has the spatial/mechanical end of it), but then he hit that Saxon Algebra 1, and now he thinks he could never be an engineer because he
  4. No, there is no financial issue or anything. It was just that we had only known classical homeschoolers to use Saxon, and that TT was just "too easy" and wouldn't do the job. Not trying to offend anyone, but that's the vibe and comments I've always heard. I am happy (and happy for him) to punt it and stay with TT and/or try something else. Just want him to learn it and not want to jump off a bridge because he's so frustrated with Saxon. In retrospect, I probably should have evaluated this sooner with Saxon Algebra 1, but we plugged through almost to the end, so that's that. Just happy we
  5. Also, does TT start with review the first few lessons like Saxon does? For instance, since he's had the Geometry between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, I think he would still be ready for TT Algebra 2, but is there review at the start or should we do some of that this semester? Thanks!
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, ladies. I feel like singing the Halleluiah chorus. And I completely agree with all that was said here. He has done so well with TT, but in the homeschool community I am in, especially the classical ones (whom I love, but in this instance, just have a student that does not seem to do well with Saxon), really have a narrow mindset when it comes to HS math (ie: that Saxon is the only thing that will prepare them well enough). It's almost as if Saxon sucks the life out of him, mentally. He becomes so downcast and discouraged about math, that then he ca
  7. I need help/feedback. A little background: We used Singapore for K-6, loved it, went great. Then I would switch them (my three kids) to Saxon in middle school using the placement test. All tested into pre-Algebra and on we went. My son struggled with the last half of Algebra 1 (8th) and by the end of 8th grade was ready to never do math again. So, we put it on the back burner until now (spring semester of 9th grade) to finish the last few lessons and tests of Algebra 1 as a review for entering Algebra 2, and to finish it. In the meantime, I let him do Teaching Textbooks Geometry this yea
  8. Thank you SO much!! Having a place to come and see proof in writing of people hs high school and doing it successfully is what I need! I think I will be visitng here more often :). Janice in NJ, you're exactly right. They do care about grades but great SAT and ACT scores are their easy benchmark, in most cases. My husband has taught at Kaplan (the quantitative section of the GMAT) and has been tutoring people in ACT prep, so I know my kids will be good in that department. I just have to start making plans and looking at curriculums (which I actually enjoy). We honestly have kind o
  9. Hi! We have always homeschooled our three kids up until this year (we sent our oldest to public school so she could play her sport and she is already considering coming home to finish high school next year because she feels like public school is "making her dumb":). That being said, we are looking to try and homeschool the younger two and possibly the oldest, through high school. There is fear on my part of not being able to do it (even though I have a masters in ed.) but after having seen what they do in public school, that has faded some. We were in a co-op that was loosely based on TOG
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