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  1. Yesterday, I submitted our education plans for next school year, for the first year we've had to do so, and they were already approved! What a relief to get such a major stress off my shoulders!

  2. I shouldn't have complained about having 5 consecutive weeks of illness in the house. Our middle child woke up with measles because I complained.

    1. PollyOR


      Sorry to hear that. Get well!

  3. We are currently on week 5 of a household cold/flu/ear infection school break. This has gotten old.

  4. Ah, yes, now I remember how wonderful DS' temper is when it comes to school work. sigh.

    1. Guest


      Mine too. he's the one throwing tantrums about how much he forgot over the summer, not me! ((((((((((meggeh)))))))))

  5. I'm so not mentally prepared for starting our new year tomorrow.

    1. jenn&charles


      Hope you have a great day!!

    2. jenn&charles


      Hope you have a great day!!

  6. I'm listening to my first SWB lecture. :)

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