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  1. Last night my family went to Wendy's, and I tried the strawberry fields salad. It was surprisingly good for a fast food salad. I skipped the dressing because it was sugary, but the salad had enough goodies that I didn't miss it--strawberries, bacon, blue cheese, etc. I ate too much dark chocolate yesterday, so today I'm going to try to skip it. 

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  2. We tried the big nine-square shelf with the fabric boxes, but everything ended up on the floor every day. Now all of the boxes are in a big cabinet that the 7 y/o can open but the younger kids can't. I think that what I may do is to go through all of the boxes with ds7, and let him pick the pieces that he usually uses for his games out and keep them separate. 


    It's time to get his vision checked by a developmental optometrist.  I'm not joking.  There's actually a train of thought that issues in ADHD/ASD with rigidity, wanting things in the same place every time, finding stuff, etc. are connected to peripheral vision problems, visual memory, etc.  You find a developmental optometrist through COVD.  I would definitely get him checked.  Just start with the regular, annual exam (you know, the $60 thing) and mention to them the problems you're having and see what happens.



    I don't mean to pry too much, but at some point you might want to go ahead and get actual evals, instead of just assuming.  Might give you a better understanding of your situation and maybe connect you to some better tools.  That would be psych evals in addition to the developmental vision eval.


    I will have to do more research on the dev. opt. stuff. I am not convinced that it is supported by the research. And if the exam is $60 where you live, it's probably $300 here. lol 


    We have more evals scheduled for the fall. Fortunately, the school is really stepping up and we will be doing lots of different tests and questionnaires to figure out what is going on. I'm relieved, because the ABD psych who diagnosed his dyslexia/dysgraphia is now trying to get more money out of us, three months after we paid in full.  :confused1:


    Edited to add the questionnaires I'm supposed to fill out during the summer:


    BASC-2 Parent Rating Scales-Child          This looks like general behavior questions.


    CONNERS 3- Parent Short                         ADHD screen.


    Parent Questionnaire for CARS2-QPC       Autism screen.


    The school psych is also going to do a nonverbal IQ test and some more achievement testing. 

  3. I had to look up burrata cheese, and now I neeeeeeeed some.


    The wii balance board says that I've lost 5.8 lbs in the last three days. I was kind of shocked when I stepped on it on Tuesday night, and glad that the extra weight was water and not fat.

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  4. Which wouldn't get anyone closer to guessing where I'm from. 


    In high school I had an exchange student friend from Japan.  She was thoroughly horrified that I couldn't tell the difference between someone from China vs. Japan.  Hehe...


    Ha! When I was living in China, one of the teachers from Japan told me that nobody could tell that she wasn't Chinese until she started to speak. 

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  5. I'm sure it varies, but possibly they cannot tell where you are from just because you speak English.  I say that because once I was watching a news program with my BIL (he's in Germany) and the person talking very clearly was British based on accent and he asked me if that person was American.  It never occurred to me that the difference would not be obvious, but no apparently to a non native ear it is not always obvious. 


    I've been asked if I'm Italian while in China, and asked if I'm French by the owner of a local Indian restaurant. I think that unless the non-native English speaker is intimately familiar with different English accents, they guess nationality based on how loudly the tourist is speaking, their manners in general, how they're dressed, and....weight. 

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  6. I'm on day three, I'm pmsing, and I just received a $175 bill from a medical provider we already paid in full three months ago. They are out of the office today so I get to stew about it all weekend. Grrrr. I'm on track for eating though. I've almost convinced myself that a square of 90% dark chocolate with a smear of cream cheese is *just like* eating a delicious chocolate cheesecake. Almost.

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  7. Pbbbbbttt, you are not helping.  :glare:  :lol:  I could get behind these suggestions, except that when it's time to vacuum, there is an EPIC MELTDOWN. It is actually overwhelming to him, not just me. There are also small daily meltdowns when he can't find something that swears he just had, accuses someone of stealing it, etc. when it's just in the middle of a pile of random stuff. 

  8. Things are reaching the boiling point here as far as toy organization. My seven y/o plays by taking everything apart into its component parts, then playing with the little pieces--random legs, a single lego brick, a monopoly piece, one car from the traffic jam game, etc. I have put most of the games on high shelves or in my closet, but the way he plays drives me crazy. There are tiny pieces of everything all over his room. 


    He probably has ADHD, has low working memory, low perceptual abilities....a recipe for a messy room. Once there are more than a few things out, the mess is too overwhelming and cleaning up causes a meltdown. I can't blame him--I have an internal meltdown every time I have to clean up the mess. I am strongly considering putting a padlock on his toy closet in order to enforce the one toy out at a time rule (otherwise he forgets, or Dad comes along while I'm working on something else and tells them they can get more toys out.  :glare: )  I thought that by seven I wouldn't have to do the locking up toys thing.  What have you done with your kids with ADHD or other organization issues to keep the toy mess under control?

  9. It actually makes me think twice (or three times) about the possibility of living in the States.  We've always said we'd go wherever the job opportunities for dh are and I could see there being opportunities in the US at some point, but I don't ever want to think about what health care costs or about getting sued or having to sue someone else.  If someone breaks their arm at my house I just want to drive them to the hospital and sign their cast afterwards.  Which is what would happen now.


    In the US, almost nothing exists for the purpose of helping people or making a just and good society. It's all about putting money in someone's pocket. The ultimate purpose of insurance is to put money into administrators' and investors' pockets. Providing health care or reimbursement for accidents is secondary. 

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    My son got hit by a cue ball at camp this past week. I have no intention of suing the camp/making a claim on the camp's insurance. It could as easily have happened at our house. When I send him to camp I realize he is participating in activities that could cause injuries.





    Did he receive medical care? If so, it may be out of your hands. Your medical insurance company may go after the camp's insurance. 

  11. I saw an interesting article come up on fb yesterday--it was a description of a meal plan by someone who eats the same thing every day. No breakfast, smoked salmon with cheese and avocado for lunch, eggs, bacon, and vegetables for dinner. This seems yummy and doable to me. Does anyone here eat the same thing day in and day out? 

  12. I need to get back to lc. I've been spinning my wheels for months and months, stuck right at the overweight/obese border. My totally shallow motivation: my 20 yr. reunion is in a month. Gulp. I'd like to be down a size by then. I've been doing Ttapp, which has taken an inch off my waist and given me muscle definition, but I need to step it up. It is so much harder to lose weight after three pregnancies than it was when I was younger. I'm going to pout about that for a few minutes, then plan meals for the next few days. :)

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