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  1. We are considering trying an online math program for Algebra. Looking for reviews of TWTM Academy program. Thanks!

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    This includes most of the items in the Deluxe Edition. I purchased the set in 2015 from MFW Books and it is in excellent condition. Includes: Teacher’s Manual Aesop’s Fables (w/CD) The Trojan Horse The Children’s Homer English from the Roots Up (never used) The Tanglewoods’ Secret, Star of Light, and Treasures of the Snow Dinosaurs of Eden God and the History of Art Package (opened but never used) Streams of Civilization Ancient World Ancient Egypt Pyramids Celebrating Biblical Feasts $190ppd media mail



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    Set was purchased new last year. I have the Teacher’s Edition, DVD’s and Monkey Match for SSL 1 and SSL 2. You need to purchase the student book. All new retails near $100, $40 ppd. Excellent Condition, non-smoking home.



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    Purchased new last fall, My Father’s World Adventures in U.S. History for 2/3rd grade. I have most of the Deluxe set and will note at the end what you would need to complete the set. The whole set is in very good condition and from a smoke free and cat free home. $175 (SOLD) Teacher’s Manual (not marked in) NIrV Discoverer’s Bible (dedication page left blank) The Story of the U.S. American Pioneers & Patriots North American Indians Red, White & Blue The Thanksgiving Story The Fourth of July Story Patriotic Songs of the U.S.A. (CD) First Encyclopedia of Science Science in the Kitchen Science with Air Birds, Nests, and Eggs All of the Read Alouds from the Deluxe package: Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, The Courage of Sarah Noble, On the Banks of Plum Creek, Sarah Whitcher’s Story, In Grandma’s Attic, Mountain Born, and Farmer Boy. Fun with Magnets Soda Bottle Bird Feeder (unused) You will need: Student Sheets ($24.95), Map of the U.S./World placemat ($6.50), Map of the United State Sticker Picture ($5.95) to complete the Basic Set. You will need: I Can Do All Things ($32.95) and Introduction to Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Suite ($21.85) to complete the Deluxe Set. Please email texanalfords@gmail.com if interested. I can text you a photo of the whole package. Thanks! (SOLD)



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    I have both books, 5A (2010 ed.) and 5B (2011 ed.) for sale. We are going on our 3rd year of this curriculum and love it. The books are in good used condition ( a few pages in B are wrinkled from a small water spill, but there's no writing). $20ppd for both. Non smoking home.


  6. My 6th grade son has finished LFC A&B. I think that it is an excellent program, but that LFC B was much more difficult than A because of all of the translating and parsing. He liked Dr. Perrin and that's what kept him going when it got hard--plus the fun videos. We have SS Greek, and my younger son has used it to teach himself the Greek alphabet because he's a GT kid and is like that :-) But, I would not want to teach it to him! It isn't anything like English, so part of why you may not have liked the looks of SS Greek is because it's Greek! I just bought SS Latin 2 for my younger so
  7. I appreciate all of the input and am now going to rethink this whole thing. I want my son to love to read, so I think moving towards the classics is a better way to do that. We are studying American History this year because it ties to what we'll be doing in CC and then will pick up on the history cycle next year. So I will have him read about Ben Franklin and some modern scientists because he already enjoys that type of reading. Now I feel I can move away from history reading and towards classics! I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner.
  8. I am just a little confused as to what to use for our reading time now that I've revisited my copy of TWTM. Should we be using books that tie to history or using classic literature? I realize that some books cover both categories, but what should I be using overarchingly? I am used to TOG that almost always uses history for the literature and I know Sonlight is the same, but then when I look at VP or MP and TWTM, it is based more on classics. I am not using TOG this year and have to schedule reading for my 3rd grade reader (who reads above grade level, but isn't convinced he likes to rea
  9. Yes, we will use the Classic Starts for the literature! We also like the D'Aulaire books and the "you wouldn't want to..." books!
  10. Most of the books can be read in a week. A few will take 2. I will assign a certain number of chapters per day to be finished in a week. I just looked at the ADV reading list, Sonlight's reading list, and TOG's reading list for that part of history and mushed it all together according to what we are talking about that week. Some things won't correspond week by week, but fit historically.
  11. These are the books I am planning on having my son read to himself this fall. We also have others scheduled for reading aloud. I would love input from those either familiar with the books or curriculum. My son is 8 and reads at about the beginning of 5th grade reading level, but does not yet love to read--so I've stuck to shorter stories that he can finish in a week (mostly). MFW Adventures covers highlights of American history. They do not schedule daily reading for the students to do alone, so I've come up with things that seem to tie to the lessons and a few that I'd like him to read a
  12. kaymom

    Miquon Math


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    I have the Lab sheet Annotations, The Yellow Book, The Green Book, and The Red Book. We never used them, but they do show some shelf wear. Non-smoking home. $20ppd.



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    I have the 1A & 1B Home Instructor's Guides (Standards Edition) and the Challenging Word Problems 1--both are in EUC. I also have the 1A (Standards Edition) textbook. It does have about 5 pages that were filled in with pencil. My son forgot a few times not to write in the textbook. I do NOT have the 1B textbook. All of this new would cost about $60, I am asking $35ppd.


  14. Mine followed the revised 3rd edition. Hope that helps.
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