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  1. I recently came across this online lab option and thought I'd post it out here in case anyone was interested. Here is the link - http://www.sciencecourseware.com/BLOL/ It's offered free by the California State University system. It states it is AP or college level.
  2. ... for school right now she's has these ... Girl with a Pearl Earring The Sound of Wild Snail Eating The Celtic Fairy Tales ... not sure what else might be stacked by her bed, on her desk, tucked in to her totes as her own reading selections.
  3. I agree fully with understanding the philosophy of CM before starting CM. It's all about the methods used not necessarily the materials. In fact so many families use the materials that a Classical approach would use but do so using CM methods which looks/feels very different. The AO online texts are good and I agree the originals are nothing too hard to comprehend although I have heard others disagree with that vehemently. Charlotte Mason Help is a good spot too.
  4. Anyone use CPO Foundations of Physics book? Are there any resources or adaptations known for that one?
  5. I'd have to say "not so much" on being strict. I like to see them enthusiastic about their lessons and I want to encourage a real love of learning. I'm pretty involved and enthusiastic myself so maybe that helps? I think we all have up and down times and days and subjects. I try to make our lessons as applicable to life as possible and make them hands on fun when possible too. I always remind myself that I can not make anyone learn. I can make them keep the information for a while and spit it out but if that's all I do then what's the point? I want them to embrace new knowledge. If that means that they don't focus or "get" every subject out there then so be it. No one does that ... we all end up specializing and reteaching and continuing to learn throughout life/jobs/circumstances.
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