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  1. 3 hours ago, madteaparty said:

    It’s the only decent thing on TV so I’m watching. However, I do not find the actress for the main role convincing at all. There’s something slightly…aristocratic? About the way she carries herself that doesn’t work with this role. I’’ very familiar with the scenarios she finds herself in, including DV shelters, etc and I feel often people are a bit… slumped down from just the weight of it all. 

    As for the aristocratic carriage of Margaret Qualley, she trained as a ballerina. I had to look that up after some of the dancing scenes. I thought she did a pretty good job of toning down her posture, if in fact she did. 

    In general, I found Maid pretty triggering and had to take breaks. I am recently divorced from a marriage that had elements of psychological abuse. Also, my family of origin was abusive and neglectful. I can’t figure out if the despair that is inherent in abusive relationships was well represented. 

    What was funny to me was the completely unrealistic depiction of house cleaning. Three hours to clean a large house and she was cleaning the oven and washing windows? But hey, it’s just a show. 

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  2. I’m wondering if sense of purpose is tied closely to values? Maybe that is so obvious and I’m just a dork. 🤣 Are they just two ways of expressing the same thing? Or different in some way?

  3. I would take (and have taken) the path of more listening than telling. What is appealing about the substance? What need is being met? Recognizing and validating unmet needs is, IMHO, way more effective than punishment. Whether the teen is open to discuss would tell me a great deal. I have one that was a closed book and one that is quite open. Maintaining the relationship was my primary goal for both and looked quite different for each. 

    ETA My sig is out of date. Adult kids now 24 and 22. 

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  4. I think the reverse T3 is telling you that you are not converting T4 to T3 well. Have you had it checked in the past? Since Selenium is needed to convert, I am wondering why you reduced your dose? 

    I can tell when my reverse T3 is high because even if my free numbers look decent I feel like crap. I need Cytomel (T3 only) as well as Armour to feel half way decent. On Synthroid only, my rT3 was 40 something. Switching to Armour brought it down to 20s, then adding Cytomel brought it down to mid teens. 

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  5. I would suggest something like Flor carpet tiles to cover all the travertine, including the kitchen. I have lived with it over hardwood and cement with small children and over laminate with pets. The edges do not need any kind of treatment and never curl up.  Easy to vacuum and spot clean. Individual tiles can be replaced if stained beyond hope. No tripping hazard. They are not cheap, but are easy enough to self install so no labor cost. Would also help deaden sound. 

  6. I am in camp dead turkey meat 😆 after spending the past 3 days on my feet. 

    One very funny food mishap: making gravy from turkey stock from previously cooked turkey, retrieved the jar of pan drippings from refrigerator. Except instead of the pan drippings I dumped in the cup of leftover pecan pie filling: the corn syrup, sugar, eggs, butter part without pecans.  😮 The grossest tasting combo ever. Fortunately I had enough stock and the actual pan drippings to start over. 

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    • Turkey, spatchcocked, dry brined and grilled
    • Ham
    • Cornbread dressing
    • Fresh sage bread dressing
    • Sweet potato casserole
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Gravy
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Broccoli rice casserole
    • Green bean casserole
    • Asparagus vinaigrette
    • Yeast Rolls
    • Pumpkin pie
    • Apple pie
    • Pecan pie

    And I guess a salad for me, since I am eating vegan for a few more weeks

  7. 17 minutes ago, Ellie said:

    The only "comforter" I have ever seen that has a plain white cover is a down comforter. I've owned a number of comforters in my life, only one of which had "fancy patterned" "cover." Comforters tend to be heavy, like these, and are either tacked in many places to hold the batting in place, or box-stitched for the same reason. They don't usually completely cover the bed, having a drop that just covers the sides of the mattress, although some are oversized and may cover the bed, more like a bedspread.

    No one in America ever referred to a "duvet" until Martha Stewart made it fashionable in the 80s, and then it was a cover for a down comforter.

    Not my experience at all.  I heard the terms “duvet” and “duvet cover” in the 70s. My experience with comforters include fluffy, lighter weight, fashion fabric-covered ones and white, poly-filled ones intended to be used with a cover, as well as white down-filled ones.

    I had to give up my Company Store down comforter when moving from Chicago to the South lol. 

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  8. Ds cleared up his face by taking Zinc, which I learned was a thing here on WTM. Zinc Picolinate 50mg (the Now brand I have is labeled vegan). Zinc is found predominantly in animal sources, and some say plant sources are not readily absorbed. So she might be deficient? 

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