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  1. The school didn’t have a text book. She had lots of worksheets prepared by the teacher. They didn’t speak often enough. By Spanish 3, I think they should rarely use English in class. I will look into the Homeschool Spanish Academy.
  2. My daughter has taken 3 years of high school Spanish at the local public school. It was a weak program and this year we decided it wasn’t worth the time. We are regretting that choice because our makeshift plan to do it at home with a variety of sources isn’t working well. Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive course online? We really want the 4th year of the language. Thank you for any help.
  3. I thought course descriptions would go under the other spots that ask about courses taken elsewhere and the school report. I consider transcript to me something that includes grades. And yes, the other transcripts will be sent directly from the source.
  4. I am confused by the question for me, the counselor, on the Common Application that asks. “How many transcripts can you provide?†What does this mean? Wouldn’t I just be providing one? There will be several coming from other places dd has taken courses. Do I include those, even though I’m not the one providing them? Thanks for any help you may have.
  5. I'd love to hear from any of you who have had students do a junior or senior project. How did you choose a topic? How much time did you allot each week or month? If you did a project both years, were the topics related, continued or completely new? Any tips? Thank you!
  6. I have Portraits of American Girlhood in like new condition with the unused CD for printables. I'll sell it for $15.00, ppd. Let me know if you'd like it-I'll be posting on the classified pages this weekend. I've been holding onto it with hopes of teaching a co op class like you described. With one daughter in college and another a junior in high school, I don't think I'm ever going to use it! :sad:
  7. We are using America: A Narrative History by Tindall for US history and still deciding what to use for World History in this time period. I'd love suggestions that aren't the pricey options suggested in WTM. I have BiblioPlan, Modern, but that doesn't seem to be enough.
  8. I have the second edition of WTM. Could someone tell me what is currently recommended for the Modern History spine texts in high school? We have America by Tindall. If you don't use this, what do you use? Thanks!

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    I have the following items for sale. All prices include postage. Saxon 7/6, text and solutions manual, gently used, $25.00 Life of Fred Decimals and Percents, like new $13.00 SOLD Life of Fred Fractions, like new, $13.00 SOLD Life of Fred, Beginning Algebra and Home Companion study guide, like new, $25.00 Rod and Staff, Grade 8 English, Preparing for Usefulness, student text and teachers manual, excellent condition, $27.00 Abeka Language C (grade 6), like new, student book and answer key, $20.00 **Please note, this is an older version, with a pirate on the cover. I used another student book with my oldest daughter. I bought this to use with my youngest so it would go with the answer key I already had before they changed the book. We never used it, so the workbook is like new with shelf wear and I did use the answer key, but it is in great condition with some shelf wear. Classical Writing Aesop Instructor's guide for Student Workbook A, great condition, $13.00 Classical Writing Aesop Instructor's guide for Student Workbook B, great condition, $ 13.00 Classical Writing Aesop core text, great conditon, $15.00 Buy all 3 Aesop books for $35.00. Please contact me with any questions.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving!


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