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  1. I really want to shore up any gaps in my 12th grader's writing before heading off to college. He's never taken a writing class, online or otherwise, but he's a decent writer. I am considering Braverwriter's Research Essay class for him, but cha-ching! it's expensive! Do any of you have any experience with this class and if so, is it worth the $349? Thanks so much~
  2. Thank you! Appreciate it! I went through Nance with my older son but didn't think it was the best fit for this one. I will look into your suggestions.
  3. Hello! I am wanting to take my ds through a logic course his sophomore year of high school. He's never done any formal logic, but he did go through two Building Thinking Skills books in middle school. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone used MFW's Economics in a box? What do you think? Is it worth the $$?
  5. I am planning on using Sonlight's old Core F Eastern Hemisphere for my DS. He is a good reader and very bright, so he will probably just do all of it on his own. My concern is it may be too easy for him. I'm wondering if I should add some other books to make it more challenging, or maybe it is fine as it is for an 8th grader. Any thoughts?
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