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  1. I was just wondering if this has changed for anyone? I just got the email from DNPE and at the end of the "update your information" section, there's a "will you mail in your information" question there. I hit the "No" answer, but someone earlier in the thread said that they only do inspections for year 2 people, and this is my 2nd year HSing in NC. I want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. (I was in VA before, which was more restrictive, but also less confusing. Plus HEAV is FANTASTIC. I really miss them.)


    I suspect that everybody but newbies will get the email. My understanding when they sent the cards was that you didn't get it until your third year. I'm guessing that was to save on costs because a lot of home schools don't make it past year one. 


    Here's the one thing I don't see up thread, DNPE can and does close home schools if they think the person is no longer at the address on file. Legally home schoolers are supposed to notify them of any changes in real address; so don't forget to update them if you move. The easiest way to do that would be by their online program, but you will also need to keep your email registered with them up to date as well. 


    I'll also disagree with Ellie's advice to mail in test scores, you never, ever have to mail your test scores in. They must under law come to your school to inspect files. You don't have to let them in, they can inspect them on your front porch, but they have to come to your location.


    Finally, I happen to know an original home schooler in NC. Unfortunately many of the loudest voices on the NCHE board are still those folks. They had a very cozy, positive relationship with DNPE and the original administrator of that agency. My friend told me one time when she was having her in home inspection, the DNPE rep mentioned the next stop on the list. Someone my friend knew, so my friend load the pumpkin she had for that person into the DNPE rep's car. My friend has never been on the NCHE board, but she has the same relationship with DNPE.


    While NCHE's roll over attitude annoys me, I also am well aware that these people risked a lot to home school. They could have been arrested (eventually someone was). So I understand where they are coming from. I also understand the deep appreciation they have for DNPE because the home school law stalled until the original administrator of DNPE volunteered to have home schoolers placed under him. I am very glad not to have to report to a local school board. 



    Some of the elements are expensive, but not too difficult to get. A lot of elements he found on Ebay. We have mercury, but my son won't get it until we can get it sealed in acrylic. The radioactive elements are the ones you probably won't be able to find.


    Thanks to reading The Radioactive Boyscout I know that you can find some radioactive elements:


  3. Besides materials that are available already in an digital format, you should consider scanning in regular texts.


    There is a service this does this: http://1dollarscan.com/


    Or you can do it yourself: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24835-book-scanning/


    This way you can take whatever you want and not be limited to material already available as digital.


    You'll want to make sure that you don't rely on cloud services, but download some things to your local computer if you will be out of internet range.

  4. Another excellent book to use is: http://www.amazon.com/The-Discarded-Image-Introduction-Renaissance/dp/0521477352/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333403287&sr=8-1


    Tapestry used to use it in Year Two, but I think it's been pulled because it was at a pretty high level, so more for you than for students.


    It's very important to understand that Dante's worldview was nothing like ours. If they can begin to get this then they can move onto a much harder concept: the Biblical world view is nothing like ours to get full meaning out of the Bible we must begin to understand and appreciate that world view which is not individualistic, psychological, scientific, (all things that are part of our culture) etc.

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