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    ABEKA RESOURCES – All materials are in good to new condition. Pages are clean except in one book as noted in its description. Reference numbers and editions are listed. If the edition isn’t listed it is because it isn’t listed in the text. I've tried to price reasonably but I'm willing to negotiate - just please know these sales are how I'll pay for my kids' books, too! :001_smile: Thanks for looking! Hope you find something! Grade 1 Spelling 1 Teacher’s Edition, fourth edition 31062. $6.00 ppd. Grade 4 God’s Gift of Language A Teacher Quizzes/Tests Key, third edition 10563. $8.00 ppd SOLD God’s Gift of Language A Answer Key, third edition 14366. $15.00 ppd. SOLD The History of Our United States Teacher Quiz/Test Key, fourth edition 10871. $10.00 ppd. Understanding God’s World Teacher Quiz/Key, fourth edition 10364. $8.00 ppd Grade 5 God’s Gift of Language B, Answer Key, third edition 14949. $15 ppd. Old World History & Geography Quiz Key, 61417. $8.00 ppd. Arithmetic 5 Work-text Answer Key, fourth edition 15793. $10.00 ppd. Grade 6 New World History & Geography Map Studies and Review Key, 61565. $6.00 ppd. SOLD God’s Gift of Language C Teacher’s Edition, second edition 67741 $13.00 ppd. God’s Gift of Language C Test Key, second edition 67776. $7.00 ppd. God’s Gift of Language C Answer Key, third edition 16417. $15.00 ppd. Spelling and Vocabulary Tests Key, fifth edition 60380. $7.00 ppd. Arithmetic 6 Tests and Speed Drills, third edition. $8.00 Arithmetic 6 Work-text Answer Key, fourth edition 16739. $10.00 Choosing Good Health Test and Worksheet Key, second edition, 61921. $6.00 Grade 7 History of the World Teacher Test Key, second edition, 31968. $8.00 ppd. History of the World Teacher Quiz Key, second edition 53481. $8.00 ppd. History of the World World Atlas & Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere Activity Book Teacher Key, fourth edition 71951. $9.00 ppd. English 7 Curriculum Grammar and Composition I, Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I, Of People Literature, third edition. *A few minor markings where dates were marked or topics circled. $10.00 ppd. Grammar and Composition I Teacher Key, fourth edition 62154. $10.00 ppd. Grammar and Composition I Test/Quiz Key, fourth edition 62170. $7.00 ppd. Science: Order & Reality Teacher Key Test/Study Book, 25933 (old edition). $4.00 ppd. Science: Order & Reality Student Quiz Book, 26689 (old edition). $4.00 ppd. Science: Order & Reality Student Test Book, 25925 (old edition). $4.00 ppd. Science: Order & Reality Teacher Quiz Key, 26697 (old edition). $4.00 ppd. Grade 8 Grammar and Composition II Teacher Key, fifth edition 13826. $17.00 ppd. Grammar and Composition II Quiz/Test Key 13828. $7.00 ppd.



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    Looking for a used, even well used copy of HOD RtR. Let me know if you have one you have or will have available at a reasonable price and I will take it off your hands! Thanks! :001_smile: Sandy



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    Has anyone finished MFW WHL mid year and is ready to sell? I am need of the Daily Lesson Plan Book, the Four Views of the End Times booklet and the British Lit. TM. If you have these for sale for a reasonable price I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks! Sandy


  4. Did you find it helpful/necessary to purchase the online certificate program for access to the online exams? If not, how and what did you choose to grade? Thinking here about the practice quizzes being set up to take multiple times in preparation for the online exams. Also, did you make use of the workbooks that are also available for purchase? TIA, Sandy
  5. Thank you so much for this! My girls and I have needed haircuts all summer long but unexpected expenses stretched the budget too thin. Two of my three dd fall within the grade requirement. Yeah! :hurray:
  6. Met in February, became engaged in April, planned a wedding from 3,000 away, and married in August after determining that if not then, the wait would have needed to be at least a year. My poor mom's initial response was, "What! Four months to plan the wedding!" But with my parent's on-site help, it came together beautifully. Prior to meeting my dh, I wouldn't have dreamed of marrying someone after only a few months. I was equally surprised that I had no reason not to say, "yes" (kept waiting for the other shoe to drop - never did!). We went through pre-marital counseling and sought the wi
  7. For the longest time we had a tiny pair of Jesus sandals hanging from the rear view mirror (only removed because dh said it has become illegal here now). They were a gift from a friend when our then-newborn (now 9yo) was in the NICU with heart and feeding issues. We had also just learned he had Down syndrome. The little sandals, which would have fit his tiny feet back then, were such a comforting reminder of Jesus' presence during that difficult time and of all the people who were lifting our little guy up in prayer. And we did see such amazing answers to those prayers. The sandals, still
  8. Ds who is almost 20 wanted to be a military pilot for the longest time and studied everything he could get his hands on about airplanes. Less than stellar eyesight nixed the pilot career and his desire to pursue aeronautics or the military. During his high school years, he loved and excelled at theater, both plays and musicals. He would love to go to school for theater arts but has not done so because he is concerned about the potentially limited job opportunities. Now his plan is to major in business with a marketing emphasis. 17yo dd has always been about art - drawing, painting, compute
  9. If you are a homeschooler in NY and want to attend a state cc or university you have two or three options, depending on school policy: 1) Secure a letter from the local super indicating your student has completed the equivalent of a public high school education or 2) Pass the GED test (after graduating from homeschool) or 3) Take college 24 credits in specifically selected subject areas that serve as the equivalent of a high school diploma. The third option, as we found out, is not available at all schools. My dd has earned 18 credits through dual enrollment at a nearby SUNY school but th
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the free PDF lesson plans that used to be available on the Visual Link Spanish website? This link: http://www.learnspanishtoday.com/pdf/lesson_plans.pdf was posted in earlier forum discussions but it is no longer showing up. I have emailed the company but have not heard back from them yet.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas. What I don't want to do is waffle any more. We got off track and my inconsistency has made it worse. So I need to come back, have those if/thens in place, follow through each and every time.
  12. What are your if/then consequences for your teens when they talk disrespectfully to you or they are mean to younger sibs? Needing more on-the-spot consistency in my response and wanting some fresh ideas as I re-boot and purpose to follow through.
  13. The gal who's teaching the Human Anatomy and Physiology class said she thinks dd can handle it. Neither my dd or I have seen the book yet to get a sense of it. Guess that's the next step.
  14. HollyDay ~ Right now she is debating between teaching English and graphic illustration/photography. Double major? Major/minor? Not sure, but these are top two loves at this point. Since she likely will not be going straight to a 4-year school, we haven't settled on where she will transfer to yet. amtmcm ~ Thank you! Yes, I did visit the website while I was comparing the different non-mathy programs. Wished I'd known about this two years ago! I think she would have experienced more success with something like this. Momto2Ns ~ Earth science might be an option worth looking at. I think
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