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  1. Thank you for the response. We have explored multiple supplements under the guidance of a psychiatrist, to address the OCD in particular, without seeing much benefit. He is on 2 meds at present. Guanfacine made the only significant difference for his OCD symptoms.
  2. I am on year 27 of homeschooling, currently teaching our 14 and 16 yo sons, who are youngest 2 of six. Our 14 yo has HFA, along with OCD that kicked in at age 12. He is strong in math, currently doing Algebra. The wearying part is his attitude! He is often rude and disrespectful (not an issue with any of our other children), resists doing anything he doesn't want to do, and does not seem to be learning from consistent correction or having his main interest removed as a penalty (his screen time). This will sometimes cause him to comply, but is not bringing about an overall change in his attitude. I know part of it is his lack of "theory of mind"-he isn't able to see things from any one else's perspective. I am hoping part of it is immaturity and the whole hormonal upheaval of adolescence, and will improve as he matures. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has walked through this, as l am becoming weary of the struggle. Perserverance is a strength for me, but l could sure use some hope that things may improve.
  3. Targhee, Thank you for your response. I'm not sure, until l look at it, if the writing instruction in MCT will work for my son or not. I'm disappointed to hear it is not more directive. The names of the levels led me to expect that they would build from teaching the writing of good sentences, to good paragraphs, then on to essays. I guess l will just have to look it over. Makes me glad l ordered used copies!
  4. Hi For those of you with experience with MCT Language Arts, l plan to start this curriculum next fall with my son who will be a 9th grader and has HFA. Because l don't want him to miss anything, l have been collecting cheap, used copies of the older editions of the early level TE's in order to fill in any blanks in his knowledge. Language Arts are not his strong suit, as he is more math/science brained. That being said, I am just curious to know at what level people have started their older kids who are new to the curriculum. He can tolerate things addressed to younger kids, as his social development is well behind his cognitive level. I don't want to pay retail for multiple levels, hence my search for inexpensive earlier editions. A particular question l have is, which poetry volume should we start with in order not to miss anything? Btw, we will be using Mosdos press gold for literature. Any input from the experienced is appreciated!
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