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  1. :iagree::iagree::iagree:I third this!!! And there is nothing wrong with this!!! Does she want the romance without the intimacy? She may need a little reality check, that romancing a girl isn't just "fun, " for a guy. Most, want it to go somewhere...either in a noble way, or shallow/physical way. Hope that made sense!


    Dating around when I was in high school meant you were loose. There was no casual dating - although you could go out in groups. But if a guy was taking you out, he wanted something like Simka said - either a longer relationship or something physical.


    My stepmom would always try to encourage me to "date around" back then, and I just couldn't get her to understand that wasn't really a good option. . .

  2. Now, I *know* that the Wii is very different. But, does the novelty wear off?


    We got ours from a drawing at dh's work a couple of years ago at Christmas. I wouldn't have purchased one. It was a huge hit at first, then wore off. Dh bought a few more games, those got played a bunch and then the dc tired of those, and it didn't get played. I did purchase the Wii Active Life Explorer after Christmas this year because at least it looked more active, and they have really enjoyed it, but it goes in spurts. They only get so much screen time per day, and have recently been choosing to watch movies or play games on their PCs.

  3. I went with AoPS and we struggled through it,


    We switched him to NEM and it was an instant fit. Challenging, but not impossibly so. The layout is different from the Singapore we were accustomed to, but the challenge level seems to be the same. He is a bit behind now, but will be able to make it up over the summer.




    I had NEM but after all the rave reviews about AOPS, I bought Algebra I and Intro to Counting and Probability. We started into the Algebra I this fall, but ds really hated it. I'm not sure what exactly was setting him off, but he thought it was difficult (this is my child that tends to fall to pieces if he can't get things right fairly easily - we've been struggling trying to teach him to actually *work* at things because he is bright). So I switched him to NEM (we'd used Singapore all the way before that), and he instantly liked it much better. I'm still waiting to see if I'll try to add Intro to Counting in at some point, but NEM has definitely been a better fit here.

  4. This is a spin off from the future of home schooling regulation thread. If you use IDEA or not, can you comment on this article, pretty please? It'll take a few minutes of your time, but I'd really appreciate your perspective as a state w/ no regulations that has been affected by virtual public schools and their influx of gov't regulation. I appreciate your time greatly.


    I'm in Idaho, but we have a similar program (although I can't find the website now) that a friend of mine participates in. She can use the money for any homeschool related expense that's not religious. I checked into it several years ago, because although buying curriculum itself isn't an issue, we don't have the money for outside lessons (like martial arts, music, etc). But I didn't like all the oversight and hoops I'd have to jump through to get the funds.


    I can see where it's quite a lure to get homeschoolers under state regulations. However, I don't know what effects the program is having on homeschooling as a whole in Idaho. We have a couple of charter schools in my town, as well as the virtual public school, and I've always thought the more options available, the better. Maybe that's misguided on my part. . .

  5. I'm not even sure what they're called, so I'm not finding anything when I Google them. It's the hair net/scarf thing that many elderly women wear (or maybe they don't anymore - but one of my grandmas always did, and my other grandma is trying to find them and can't locally). They're made out of a fine net - not mesh with large holes - and tie under the chin.


    Anyone know what they are or where they can be found? I don't live in the same town as my grandma, so if I could find them online and have them sent to her, that would be great :)



  6. Get the basic homeschool set plus either a 2nd student manual for Practice Island or have the 2nd child write on notebook paper/whiteboard.


    I agree - you don't need the Student Manuals except for the Practice books (which they write in). So that's really the only book they couldn't share, unless you had them write the sentence on another piece of paper.

  7. No one said it had to be a beautiful fence. I would talk to the neighbors and see if they will split the cost of a fence with you, even if it is just chain link. Over the years you can add plants next tot he fence to make it look nice, but in the meantime you have a fence.




    Or check into just a roll of wire fencing like they sell at Home Depot or Lowe's. Our house backs up to a small canal, and although we split the cost of vinyl fence on the north side of our lot, we couldn't afford to fence the rest of the yard. I really wanted some barrier along the back, especially when my dc were younger, and so we got a 100' roll of wire fencing and some green metal posts for the 80' of yard along the back. I believe it was under $100 (maybe under $150). We just pounded the posts into the ground and hooked the fence onto them - it's not pretty, but it serves as a boundary.

  8. It got me thinking about how I learned to sew. I learned a bunch from my mom and some from home ec at school, but mostly I learned by doing it.


    That's how I learned, too. In junior high and high school, I made most of my own shorts, since I could make them fit better than what I could buy. My mom usually made my prom dresses, but I didn't try anything that difficult til later. I've made dress clothes, skirts, children's clothes, quilts, stuffed animals, drapes, etc. Because of my sewing ability, I got a job working in a drapery shop for a summer before college (I went back to college 4 years after high school), and then worked in a different shop doing clothing alterations during college. I don't know what my finest achievement is, but I just finished making dh a pirate coat and hat for Halloween - the project itself wasn't too bad, but because he's larger than the XL size, I had to make a test bodice and then make a number of alterations to the pattern pieces to make it fit him well (and it turned out great! :) )


    Here's the coat - it's the red one (and I used a red/black brocade):


  9. I have a small waist compared to my behind, so the gap in the back of the waistband is always an issue. Jeans for teens are OUT! While I might be able to pull it off, I don't want to look inappropriate for my age. Besides, jeans for teens are often too straight up and down for me. Just b/c I am small does not mean I am not curvy. And, I do not want to pay an astronomical amount either. Any ideas of where I might look or brands that might work? I tried Dillards on Sunday, and all they had were teen jeans (too tight, not proportioned correctly, etc.) and old lady jeans (often starting at a size 4 and not very stylish, TOO high in the waist, etc.). I am NOT a petite, as I am quite long in the stride even though I am only 5'4 1/2".


    Thanks for any and all advice.


    I'm not as small a size as you, but have always had the issue of the big gap in the waistband trying to find jeans that fit my hips, but then had this huge gap in the waist. . .I used to wear Lee jeans with the tapered legs, but as I'm approaching 40 and have put on a little weight, the tapered legs just aren't as flattering on me. I stumbled across some jeans at a thrift store (Levis) and only after getting them home, realized they were men's jeans! I'm not sure why, but Levis 569 fit me great - no gapping in the waist, no really low waistband - and dh really likes them on me, too. So although it seems counterintuitive for men's jeans to fit well in the waist and hips, it might be worth a try.


    I buy them at Kohl's online because none of the stores around here carry the size I need, but if you have a local Kohl's, you can return things (and if you get free shipping, you're not out anything).

  10. I want to leave negative feedback - does this warrant that? Or neutral?

    After all, I really should have checked his S/H policy before I bid - on the other hand, it is against the sites policy to fleece buyers on S/H to cover fees and he did say he has the lowest price for the actual item ... but when you factor in S/H it is a different story.

    Thanks for any input! :confused:


    It doesn't warrant negative feedback if he clearly stated the price for shipping. It's up to the buyer to make sure they understand the charges and once you agree to buy the item, you agree to pay for the shipping charges that are stated.


    If you think he's unfairly padding his price, you can contact the site itself and report him and then it will be up to them to decide if they think he's unfairly charging shipping.

  11. Does it matter what kind of lumber I use to put one of these together? Home Depot has 8' pressure treated landscaping lumber on sale for $2 ea. (That's what I've seen used before.) But they've got weathershield beveled pressure-treated baluster (2" x 2" x 42") for $1/ea.




    I wouldn't use pressure treated lumber for gardening - although they've changed the formula so that it's less toxic now, I wouldn't want it around my veggies. I use just regular lumber, and although it does degrade over time, it lasts for a number of years before it does (I have some that I haven't replaced that's 8+ years old).

  12. My dh's best friend is an appliance repair man. This last spring, I was taking care of our neighbor's house and their fridge died - he said if it would have been the compressor, it wouldn't be worth fixing because of the cost. It turned out it wasn't - I can't remember what the part was - but it was only about $50. But his advice was if the compressor goes, to just buy a new fridge.

  13. My kids hated the grammar books - the storylines drove them crazy and I don't think they learned a lot. My 11 yo ds even begged me to go back to R&S because he said he actually learned something with that curriculum. None of us liked the writing assignments - they were too open ended and didn't have enough instruction for my child who doesn't like writing.


    However, we still are using the Practice books - I like the 4 level analysis better than traditional diagramming. And I'm still trying out the poetry book and CE1 (only because I've paid for them and I figure I should at least give them a shot).

  14. Sorry, but this is pretty mind-boggling to me. He's only two and he's obviously NOT ready for potty training.


    It's not at all uncommon for boys to not be fully potty trained til they are 3 or even 4 years old and I would never try to force it on a 2 year old who is that obviously just NOT ready.


    I agree - I tried to start training my 2 dc at about that age, but they were not ready. They both were easily trained when they were closer to 3.

  15. I don't know if my kids get it off TV or somewhere else, but ginormous and hunormous have been bothering me lately. I usually correct them: "Dear, ginormous is not a word. What two words is ginormous made from?" Them: "Um, I dunno" Me: "Giant and enormous, please use a proper word to describe your pancake."


    They hate that discussion, so I'm hoping to avoid my kids contributing to the addition of new words to the dictionary. I will have a heart attack if I ever see one of those two in there. :tongue_smilie:


    Ginormous made the dictionary in 2007 - my ds was thrilled:


  16. Here's a good website with info:



    We use it mainly for cooking, although I have used it topically. I use virgin coconut oil for baking and things where the coconut flavor isn't an issue. I use expeller pressed oil for cooking/sauteing when I don't want the coconut taste. I've been buying my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions for years - they quality and customer service has always been great. If you sign up for their emails, they often run sales, free shipping, etc.:



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