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  1. Hi to all, This is my first year homeschooling and I am having a terrible time deciding what history to choose next year for my boys, who will be 10 and 7. I want something that teaches history from an old earth creationist viewpoint, is exciting and keeps their attention, and has lists of books we can use as read alouds. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. We went through a similar experience.... my husband also rides the van pool, so we gave up our 2nd car for a year. It has pros and cons. When the kids have each had something going on at the same time on the same day, we had to do a bit of planning. There were many times it was definitely an inconvenience. But it also saved us a ton of money on insurance, gas and repairs/maintenance! Having said all of that, we are about to purchase a car in March!:tongue_smilie:
  3. I can't wait to pick some of these up from our library to review! I wanted to do Texas History this year since we are 1) new to homeschooling and 2) new to Texas, and 3) did I mention new to homeschooling?!??!:tongue_smilie:
  4. I'm West of Houston, and new to homeschooling!:001_smile:
  5. We just started OPGTR and was thinking about adding AAS in for my DS6, but maybe we'll wait until he is fluently reading! AAS looks great though! I can't wait to get my hands on that!!
  6. www.coolmath4kids.com is a fun website that just gives dc some variety while learning math facts.
  7. I think you are right... I have been also looking forward to studing history together, but have let myself stress out on whether I am starting out "on the right foot".
  8. If anyone else has suggestions please chime in! :-)
  9. This will be my 1st year homeschooling. I am not sure if I should start off with SOTW 1 with my 2 sons (5 almost 6 and 9). I want to follow SWB's book, but I am confused since my 5 yo can't read, I know that is my 1st priority with him, as are math and the other basics. I am not sure I would really classify him as a 1st grader, even though he went through Kinder in a PS this past year.:001_huh: OR, should I start history out where my older son (9) should be(following SWB's method), and start out with Modern History, then next year, start with Ancients? Please help!!
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