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  1. I find myself wondering what goes on in ModeratorWorld when a bomb like that gets dropped in this forum. I imagine a deafening klaxon and red flashing lights, the mod dropping Moby Dick or The Hunchback tome on his big toe, elbows akimbo, sloshing the tea over the saucer and beyond, hurriedly trying to clean up the title mess before a whole slew of "OMG I canNOT believe what someone just posted!!!!" threads erupt....


    Kids, you totally crack me up! I hope you work out that frustration soon. Attempting to crochet would definitely add some spice to my vocabulary...:D

  2. ...


    Sorry, but for some reason my radar is bleeping like crazy.





    Gotta say I felt the same vibe from your OP. You say this is a SINGLE man? Perhaps he just doesn't have a clue what family life is really like (from a parental perspective).


    But I can tell you, my dh would be telling him he's not allowed to talk to me any more! Any news and reminders have to go through dh from now on.


    Surely you're not the only one in your congregation feeling this way.

  3. I can tell you that it doesn't involve bleach-blonding my hair to cover the greys, starving myself to become stick-thin, squeezing into yoga pants and other twenty-something fashions, wearing false eyelashes and blue eyeliner, fake-baking or Botox injections.


    I do appreciate cute fashions but take my teen dd shopping with me. While she occasionally suggests items I don't think I can successfully wear at my age, she is a great advisor when I am in doubt. She has learned to say, "I don't think so, mom," with a most gracious smile.


    It does involve taking better care of myself than I used to have to, I use a bit more equipment and supplies than I used to, spend more on hair care help than I used to, but strive to stay within the realm of a natural appearance.

  4. When I had a chaotic schedule, I would set one day aside each week either as a half day or as a non-scheduled school day. Using this idea, I only planned for 4 lessons a week, so we were never behind. When I made an appointment, I would just tell them I needed a Wednesday appointment. Sometimes I needed to wait an extra week or so, but was never too much longer. If for some reason the doctor didn't work on that day, we took another day but moved our school schedule around that week to accommodate.. By having a set day that wasn't scheduled with school, it greatly reduced the stress.


    It was also nice because sometimes we took those days for impromptu field trips, learning opportunities like walking a stream, getting together with friends for projects or lazy reading days.


    There were times that my kids used that time to get ahead on independent subjects so they could have their own 'skip days' for those subjects at a future time.


    4 day weeks were a great beauty of year round schooling for us.


    This is what we did, too. However, there is a challenge when the appointment is for something complicated (thus long) or for something that a provider only does at certain times of the day/week.


    This pleads a good case for the several weeks on followed by a full week off schooling cycle, doesn't it? Seems it would be easier to get all the appointments into a less disruptive time frame.

  5. Hmmm... Threads strike me differently. Some are, as you say, conversational. Others are informational. I think of this forum as a bulletin board. I stick stuff on and contribute, often without the expectation of a reply.


    When I am the one seeking information, I always sit back and read & ponder the replies that come in. I may ask for clarification or additional information. I try to remember to say thanks, though it's typically a blanket, "Thanks, everyone!" I agree with Jean, MariannNOVA is really the best at acknowledging replies.


    There are times when I toss a comment into a banterish thread, which may appear to go unaddressed. That happens in real life, too.


    Sorry that you are feeling left out.

  6. Ichthammol ointment will help draw out infections, it helps get pus out of wounds and splinters out of skin, it even helps with spider bites. You might ask your doctor about it.


    Is this what my granny would have called "black salve"? If so, I have always wanted to know the *real* name of the stuff. Where is it available - OTC or RX only?


    Can you see infectious disease? They are (usually/should be) better at aggressively going after things. I'm concerned with your multiple locations and other symptoms. Did they talk about doing a culture to see what can kill your strain?




    I'm not sure, ill mention my issues if we ever get to see a nurse or doctor, and will be calling back the doctors office in the morning .


    Also ask about injections instead of/in addition to the swallow pills. You want those meds to get to work fast.

  7. Yes, but unfortunately only the skinniest of people can wear non-mom jeans without a muffin top. I find those more hideous than "long butt." It seems one can't go anywhere without looking at (sometimes numerous) rolls of fat on the person in line in front of one.


    I'll take a long butt over a muffin top any day! FWIW, the right top is a huge factor. A flattering outfit is head-to-toe, not just cheek-to-curve.

  8. Yes. I, who doesn't have a cell phone, a ipad or Wii, did spring for the larger of the Boogie Boards on amazon. My writing is neater on it than a white board, the "pen" clicks right onto it, and it erases in a flash. It has been a good change for us.


    Wow! Just hopped over to amazon for a look. That gadget makes me wish I still had a student doing Spelling Power! Hmmm... how can I justify one now???


    Seriously, I think that would be a nice surprise for a young friend of mine. Did you get the 10.5" screen? Would you get that same size if you had to get another?

  9. I just remembered Kay in Cal! Remember her anyone? Does anyone know what happened to her? She was awesome and crazy busy, she was a pastor of a church in California somewhere, I think she was Presbyterian or Methodist.


    I am pretty sure she moved back to the east coast (Carolinas, maybe?) and has popped back in here some time in the last year with a different screen name. Someone please tell me I am not just imagining this!

  10. So you've only observed this at extended family gatherings? Hmmm... perhaps they are trying to avoid all those hands lined up to hold baby. Maybe they don't want baby all passed around and handled. At their own home this is likely not an issue.


    FWIW, my babes always joined us at the table, I am just trying to imagine what the parents in question are thinking. Especially considering that other thread about the sign on the stroller!

  11. If the area has a homeowners' association, or if there's a local yacht club/boating/waterskiing club, I would start by handing out fliers there or asking if the info could go on the email loop/web site. I'd also stick a sign out in front. Properties in areas such as you describe are often sold to friends and family of current property owners. Take fliers to all the neighbors.


    I guess I don't know the part about why you don't want to handle the showings yourself - I'm guessing you're out of town?


    Sounds like it will go quickly!

  12. I have to strongly disagree that Key West is not kid friendly. Personally, I would not stay in Key West because you can get condos on the other Keys for less money, but my kids had a blast in Key West. We went to the really awesome Butterfly Conservatory. We also went to Hemmingway's House and saw the 6 toed cats. The LOVED the sunset celebration in Mallory Square. They have all sorts of acrobats, fire eaters, the very famous "Cat Man". They thought it was cool to go to the Southern Most point and get their picture taken. We loved walking in around all the shops and getting lunch and ice cream. I probably wouldn't go at night, but Key West is a wonderful spot for a family day trip. Now... I really wanna go back to the Keys instead of the mountains this summer. Oh and another must do with kids is Robbies of Islamorada. You can buy a bucket of fish and feed the huge tarpon! So much fun! And don't miss snorkeling in John Pennekamp National Park.



    Y'know, a lot may depend on the age of your kids. Kari, were yours old enough to fully appreciate the historicity of the place? Perhaps mine were just too young when we went (under 10yo).

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