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  1. I'm currently looking at the Days Inn on Jekyll Island and think it looks interesting. I just want a week at the beach. I'd like someplace attractive but affordable...don't really care where it is. Thanks!
  2. I've had very little grammar. I know the simple stuff like parts of speech and correct punctuation, but we've started parsing nouns and I'm trying not to cry. :o) Prepositional objects? Transitive verbs? Subject complements? ARGH! I'm really struggling with this. I love the CW series, but can we get through it by doing our own grammar thing? Literary analysis is one thing, Harvey's is another. Rod and Staff, anyone? Rachel
  3. That's awful, but couldn't help laughing about your subject line. Tell everybody the story about your boys and the tomato soup.... ~Rachel
  4. I've wanted a Jersey cow for years, and my best friend (four doors down) and I finally went in together and bought one. She's a former dairy cow heading towards the end of this lactation. She *is* beautiful, and I'd post a picture if I knew how. Been drinking the milk for two weeks, but was only starting with small amounts. I've never had trouble with dairy in my life. I've just been really surprised at how my system's been dealing with raw milk. Everything I've read indicates that if people have a problem with pasteurized, they handle raw milk much better. My doctor said it'll take two or three weeks to get over it, so I'm hanging on. On a side note, it's nice to communicate with you again, Ria. I haven't been on the boards much in the last year and a half or so. Got burned out, I think. It's kind of odd to look at a lot of the names on here and not recognize them. ~Rachel
  5. The Yak and Yeti, in the Animal Kingdom. It is absolutely fantastic. We ate there twice and wished we had found in sooner in our trip. ~Rachel
  6. or, more specifically, my GI tract is having trouble. It's quite upsetting, because this is why I got my beautiful Jersey cow in the first place. I've been trying to find information on the internet, but there's not a lot out there for someone suffering from raw milk. Usually the problem is with the pasteurized milk. Maybe it's detox from the store bought stuff. Anyone have words of wisdom or hope? ~Rachel
  7. She's a beautiful 6 year old Jersey. I named her Blossom, and all her future heifers (because I've determined she will never have a bull calf) will be named for flowers. We've been enjoying fresh raw milk, cream, and butter. I haven't ventured into cheese yet because my supplies need to be replenished, but I can't wait.
  8. So this is the first year I've really stuck with a grammar program. Ds, almost 11, is working through R&S 5 with no problem, but he's only in Chapter 3. I can't get R&S 5 to correspond to Homer A. Is it me, or is the Homer grammar more advanced and seems to move faster than R&S...Phrases, clauses, intrasitive verbs, etc.? I have the Harvey's, and after we tried to work on the first lesson or so, I shelved it and got the R&S back out. How the heck am I supposed to do this? I'm still trying to understand the BFIB, and have a meeting tomorrow night with another hs mom who's worked through the CW series with her own ds. I'm hoping she'll be able to shed a lot of light on the subject. The bottom line: I'm not a grammar genius. I want to follow grammar guidelines for CW...I just need some guidance.
  9. I have the RS Homeschool Spanish Levels 1, 2, and 3. Ds, 10, is doing Level 1 this year. I love it. It's everything Crystal said. Though the audio CD is plugged into my car's cd drive, we don't use it very much. Mostly because I don't think about using it. The Parent's Guide has a full year lesson plan located in the back. I have found it a little confusing for figuring out when to use the worksheets, quizes, and tests. The lesson plan will have, say, on Monday: "1.2 Worksheet (CD)". Well, the worksheets say "Unidad 1, Leccion 2, Ejercicio 4". There are three worksheets listed for Unit 1, Lesson 2, so I don't know where this fourth one came from. I'll just throw it in somewhere. This is just a small thing, though. Overall, I love the RS HS Spanish. We were using Sr. Morris on United Streaming, but ds wasn't willing to do oral practice with that program. When he has the headphones on, he HAS to, and his pronunciation is really improving. Hope this helps. Rachel
  10. Amy... What a simply brilliant idea! I'm going to do that. Thanks for the tip! ~Rachel
  11. And the sad thing is, I ordered the BFIB back in the summer. How lazy is that? And now that I've looked into it a little deeper, it's not hard, just time-consuming. I'm so lazy. ~Rachel
  12. Angelina... You are the BOMB! Thank you so much for your encouragement and your lesson plan! I really appreciate it. ~Rachel
  13. It's all my fault. I've been too lazy to read the big, fat instruction book. After struggling through seven lessons not really knowing what I was doing, I opened the bfib (big, fat instruction book) and said, "Oooohhhhhh....." It was the proverbial "AH HA!" moment. I guess it's time to backtrack a little WITH the bfib. Aesop was so easy and non-teacher intensive and it spoiled me. It's been hard to not investigate other writing alternatives and abandon CW. I really believe it's an excellent program. I just need a kick in the bohunkus to get serious about it. Ugh. ~Rachel
  14. I want to order some beans, rice, popcorn, etc., preferably organic, and am wondering where the best place from which to order all this. So far, I've looked at Barry Farms, Eden Foods, and Wheat Montana (I already have 500# of wheat), but this price comparison business is a pain. Thanks! Rachel
  15. My 5th grader is starting CW Homer A this fall. I have Harvey's because the CW lessons are scheduled to go with it. I also have Rod and Staff 5. Last year, all the grammar we accomplished was in the CW. So I guess I'm trying to decide: Do we do Harvey's because it's conveniently scheduled? Do we do R&S because of its reputation? Do we use Harvey's as a grammar spine and supplement with R&S (going through the book and picking out lessons that complement and reinforce the Harvey's and CW)?
  16. Somebody explain the reasoning behind this, please. Though I've not been on here much for the last year or so (burnout), I have posted on TWTM boards since 2003. This is rather frustrating for me.
  17. I've seen these on the Pleasant Hill Grain site and was wondering if anybody else had one and what they thought. Anyone have other systems that they can recommend? Thanks, y'all. Rachel
  18. I would like to do a Bible study with my son, but don't have any idea what to get. I bought the curriculum from Memoria Press, but kind of fizzled out on it. Maybe someone could recommend two separate studies: one for me and one for us. Thanks
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