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  1. I was just looking at The Well-Planned Day planner, and it is beautiful!


    The only problem is that I will be schooling 5(not 4) in the fall, and I tend to plan by week blocks, not days. For example, I label my weeks for the year - Week 1 - Date: ____________ . This means if we take a week off sometime that isn't planned, it doesn't mess the schedule up. I fill in the actual date while we are working on it.


    Is there a downloadable planner out in cyberspace that is as beautiful as The Well-Planned Day, but is something that I can customize? It doesn't have to be free, I am willing to pay if it is pretty!:tongue_smilie:

  2. I had written a long post, complete with excerpts from this book - 'Famous Canadian Stories' - http://www.amazon.ca/Famous-Canadian-Stories-Retold-Children/dp/1436673895, but it disappeared. I have the original edition from 1923(that I picked up at an antique store for $10) and a follow up edition called 'More Famous Canadian Stories', that is copyrighted 1926. It is written in story form and would be great for grammar aged children to read and narrate from. Although the original versions I have are not always 'politically correct' in the words they use for the natives, etc. They are like most of the books I have read that are written in that timeframe. I believe the new printings have been further edited to take care of that.


    I am not sure, but it may be public domain. Does anyone know how to check that out?


    I will re-type out an excerpt from the book if anyone wants it, just let me know. I had typed out a portion from the story of Laura Secord.


    I also have the whole DVD series mentioned above, and I will be using it for the middle grades and possibly high school, too.

  3. I have taken the plunge and bought Y1 - it is now neatly in binders. I am taking the next 3 weeks to really look over the first unit. We will be starting in July, but I am planning on taking two weeks to do each of the lessons at first, so that I avoid the much talked about 'TOG FOG'. When I feel like I have a sense of the flow, I will go to weekly lessons. It is very freeing to know that as I go through the lessons, I will be back through them again on our next history cycle. I am already making notes as I go as to what I want to do now and what I will save until then.


    The only thing I am unsure about is where to place my 10.5YODD. She will be in sixth grade, so technically she should be dialectic, but she only really started reading fluently this past year. Looking at the UG and D literature, the UG is probably a bit easy, but I would say the D, is possibly a bit above her, in both reading level and content. I think I will probably start her out in UG with her brothers and maybe try to throw a few D books at her(that I have pre-read) through the year, so she will be more prepared for Y2 D.


    I have been homeschooling for 7 years, and I am beyond excited to be doing TOG YEAR 1. I have committed to it, to give my family an amazing insight into God's Word. I am excited to see the connections my children will make when they really MEET all of the biblical characters they have read about since birth, by understanding the time and place in which each of them lived. I truly think that the Bible will come alive for them(and me)! What an amazing gift that I can give to them through TOG!


    I am also thrilled to actually be learning along with them. Until I read about TOG/WTM, I had never really thought about educating myself alongside my DC. I am starting slowly, by reading the D Literature, and doing the work expected. I am hoping to work up to the R level quickly.

  4. Say "A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea" about 100 times over the Summer and the older ones will be ready for FLL 3 ;)


    :lol: Thank you, Christina...I needed a good laugh today!


    I think I will do FLL3, slowing down when I need to and taking up to a year and a half for the 9YO and maybe a little longer for the 7.5YOs if I have to.

  5. My DS(9) is at the end of 3rd Grade. He is reading/spelling at a Grade 2-3 Level. My DS(7.5)Twins are at the end of 2nd Grade. They are reading/spelling at a Grade 1-2 Level. I have completed some copywork and dictation with them, as well as, some narration. I need to add grammar(which we have not done any of) and step everything up this summer/fall.


    I have just purchased FLL1&2, and have looked through it. It looks awesome, and I will use it as written, for my DS(5), when he hits 1st Grade. I love the oral nature of the guide. I was thinking of using it for the other 3 boys, but it seems too slow, and I know they would get bored of the repetition. Could I use it as a guide and introduce the concepts more quickly? They would kill me if I made them spend a year on nouns. I was thinking of doing FLL1, 2 and 3 over the next year. I will also teach some basic sentence diagramming as we go. Is that too fast? If so, I would appreciate any other suggestions.

  6. I love MUS! I have never supplemented it, but after lurking on this board for the past few months, I am starting to think I should maybe work on a little more reinforcement. I can't imagine trying to do two separate programs during the regular school year - not with 5DC, but I am warming up to the idea of reinforcement over the summers.


    My DD(10.5) is just finishing Epsilon. The plan is to have her complete MM Fractions 1 & 2 over the summer, and possibly LofF Fractions.

  7. I think part of the decision depends on what sort of person you are. I have a touch of OCD and like things orderly and organized. I looked at the boxes they come in but I cannot stand all of the colors being mixed up. To me the boxes make them easier to use because they are already sorted. I have two of the boxes with them all neatly organized and my four-year-old loves to sort them back into their proper slot.


    :iagree: I have two, and I love them!

  8. I have just received TOG Y1 with Writing Aids, for my rising 10.5YODD, 9YODS and Twin7.5YODSs, to begin in the next month or so.


    I have quickly looked through Unit 1, and I am not sure where to place my children in the Writing Aids program. My children haven't done a whole lot of writing. My sons have done very little and my 10.5YODD is just working on IEW Group A for Grades 4-5. I want to make sure I place my DC in the right WA level, so that they get the most benefit, with the least amount of frustration.


    I thought that I had read somewhere that you should place them two levels below their grade level to start, if they don't have any writing experience. Is this true? If so, how do you move them up to grade level?


    My gut is telling me that my DD should be in Level 4, my 9YODS, maybe a Level 2/3 combination and the 7.5YODS's, Level 2. I will also be using JAG for my DD, and a combination of Simply Grammar and FLL 1/2 for the boys, with a sprinkling of WWE for everyone.


    Any advice would be appreciated.

  9. I have 4 boys - 5-9YO, and I am glad that you purchased the storage boxes. They have been a lifesaver here. The boys do build with them, but, they know that they have to be sorted and put back in the boxes when they are finished. After a few years of use, I have only found a few that didn't make it back in the boxes.;)

  10. I think I have narrowed down my grammar choices for DD(10.5) to Winston or Analytical.


    She has had some grammar, and I like the looks of both of these programs. They both have a junior or basic program, that I would probably have her do for Grade 6, then go on to the full program over two or three years in junior high.


    I would love to hear feedback from anyone that has any thoughts to share on either of these programs.



  11. I am new here, and new to WTM, but not new to homeschooling. I have fumbled through many years, trying to school with young children close in age and a set of twins thrown in the mix.


    I have lurked on this board for a week or so, and I am amazed at the knowledge that is here.


    I have many questions to ask, and I will start with grammar/writing.


    Note: Next year will be our first year doing TOG.


    My 10.5YO has completed a couple of years of grammar with a workbook, but I don't feel that she has a good grasp of the mechanics. She is doing IEW Grade 4/5 Level A right now and will finish by September. So I am wondering what would be the best course of action for her. What would be a good grammar program? Should I just work with TOG's WA for writing in the fall? She is finally a fairly fluent reader, but not a great speller.


    I have not done any formal grammar/writing with the 7.5YO's and the 9YO, beyond the basics. What would be the best course of action for them? Grammar program? TOG's WA? They are all slow readers.


    I am unsure as to all of the abbreviations for Grammar programs that are on this board.


    The rest of my plans for next year are in my signature.


    Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

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