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  1. Hello everyone - I've scoured the forum looking for an answer to my question, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I am going to be homeschooling my severely dyslexic middleschooler in the Spring so that we can address some cognitive issues that we just don't have time for with him in school full-time. He is in 8th grade and is taking pre-algebra through his private school right now. They use Connections Academy at his school. He hates it! It is clunky and doesn't give enough practice problems for him. He is doing ok with it, but I'd like to find something that he really
  2. I'm not a clinical or neuro psych, but I'd have to guess some kind of Agnosia - possibly integrative agnosia. http://www.psych.ucalgary.ca/pace/va-lab/Visual%20Agnosias/types%20of%20agnosias.html
  3. I hardly ever post here because I'm not a homeschooler yet, but I frequent these boards because I am always looking for ways to held DS (9) who is dyslexic and I am still hoping to homeschool one day. I just met with a psych last week who specializes in 2E kids. DS has already been diagnosed, but he encouraged me to get him tested through the school system so that it will be on record for when DS is older specifically for accommodations. He said that the sooner he is tested, the better because the longer I wait the harder it will be to pinpoint his issues because of all of the interventions
  4. In response to the issue with memorizing multiplication tables, working memory could be the problem, but it kind of depends. It is hard to say, even with extensive testing, whether the problem is an encoding issue or a retrieval issue. Since she is trying basically memorize rote information that has no meaning to her, she is unable to integrate it into her long-term memory in any meaningful way. OR once it is in her long-term memory, she is unable to retrieve it because there are not enough cues for her to be able to access it. There is really no way to know this from a parent's perspectiv
  5. Working memory is really just what people used to call short-term memory. It's where the information goes between being perceived by the senses (phonological loop and visiospatial sketchpad) and being endcoded in long-term memory. It can also be information that is pulled from long-term memory if needed. It's basically where information resides while you are using it. Low working memory (from a cognitive psychology perspective) could make doing pretty much anything more difficult. Basically if the thing that is trying to be done requires a large amount of mental workload, low working
  6. This is the first time I am posting here, but I have been reading these forums for a long time. I am not a homeschooler, but I have been doing a lot of work with my son at home over the past few months. DS (7) is in first grade and was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. He goes to a wonderful little montessori school that we just love. His reading teacher is getting OG trained over the summer just to work with the handful of dyslexic children at the school. I am also considering outside tutoring as I am in school myself and am overwhelmed by what it is taking to tutor DS afterschoo
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