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  1. Here's my advice if you do want to try for ASL: I would second the recommendations for Bill Vicars courses if you want self paced videos. It's also the only free resource I found truly valuable. If you wanted Duolingo style lessons, Lingvano is a cool ASL program modeled after that: https://www.lingvano.com/asl/. However, I would only recommend it if you are starting from scratch. It falls for all the pitfalls of Duolingo, unfortunately, but it is good at keeping interest and making sure you can understand signing well. Another subscription based ASL service with videos and exercises is https://www.asldeafined.com/, and you can choose the skills you want to work on there, but I would recommend Bill Vicar's videos over this in most cases If you want 1 on 1 online lessons, I'd be happy to recommend some italki teachers if you message me.
  2. Silicon Valley High School has a-g approval and offers Integrated II, you take it there and transfer the credit to the school your student will attends. Make sure the school will accept it first, though. I'm currently taking Integrated Math 3 (70% done with semester one), but they offer the full math sequence. The videos and readings are redundant most of the time, but as long as the self paced aspect is fine for your student, they should be able to figure out an efficient system; it definitely errs on the side of including extra information and repeating itself, but you do need to actually understand what you are doing to complete the assignments, even if the quizzes aren't as complete. In my course there's also a lot of review, including the entirety of the first unit and the first lesson or two of every other unit, so I'm not sure if that would be too much for a student already facing a ton of review at school. https://svhs.co/course-catalog-integrated-math-2-part-1/ I hope that helps! Edited for clarity
  3. Thank you so much @Matryoshka, I just joined that discord and it looks really promising. 😀 Thanks @Arcadiatoo
  4. Thank you, just did so! That's true! In particular it shares a ton of vocabulary with Dutch, and with German through that connection: it also has a lot of Arabic vocabulary. Yes. @Matryoshka I would love that link, thank you!
  5. Hello everyone! I have been reading your threads long before my family decided to homeschool, and figured now might be a great time to ask for advice. Background: I am a tenth grade (and 2E) student who has been in brick and mortar schools until now. I am interested in majoring in Linguistics or becoming a EFL teacher, but I also really enjoy the process of learning in and of itself. Currently, I am taking a dual enrollment Spanish class I'm not worried about, two one-hour lessons each week on italki in Spanish, two or three half-hour lessons a week in ASL (plus homework, and I consider ASL my relaxation language more than anything else) and approximately three one-hour lessons a week in Bahasa Indonesia (also known as Indonesian, plus homework). This is only a slight increase beyond what I had been doing on top of public school. I do have duolingo and a grammar book available for Bahasa Indonesia but have not been using them, largely because of lack of motivation. My levels are intermediate in Spanish, late beginner in ASL, and completely new to Indonesian as of this summer. My family is very supportive in every way, but not interested in teaching, grading, etc. I know I can count on a grade and credits for the dual enrollment course, but what of these other activities could be considered for high school credit, and how would you have them graded? What would you consider sufficient progress for an Indonesian credit? Alternatively, since I also regularly listen to linguistics podcasts and attend linguistics events, would you consider it fair to merge these activities into a course called something like "Exploration of World Languages 1"? Additionally, my family will be going on a week long trip to Germany this summer, and I would be interested in studying some German both for the trip and because it is an important world language with an interesting relationship to both English and Indonesian. The only synchronous course I have come across for high school German (besides WTMA, which conflicts with Spanish class) is Potter's School, which is not something my family would like me to do if there are other options due to the religious nature of the organization. Does anyone know of any other synchronous (preferably secular) classes for German in the 2021-2022 school year, or have any recomendations for an italki/preply/similar tutor? Also, do any of you have experience with kids studying many languages at this age, or a similar student I could talk to? Sorry for the long post, all advice is welcome. Thank you all so much!
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