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  1. Thanks for that alternative, I'll look into that as well. I was also looking into Grammar Galaxy. My son seems to get bored easily and this book looks fun while still teaching grammar. Has anyone had any experiences with this curriculum?
  2. Thank you! I'll look into level 2 since he might still need more help writing passages. I mean, he can do it, but it's like pulling teeth and doesn't have a lot of confidence in himself when coming up with answers.
  3. Hi All, I'm a first-time homeschooling mom. I have a rising 4th grader who struggles a lot in the writing department. I saw the author's YT video talking about WWE and love the idea behind this program and how it was designed to help kids who can read but can't necessarily put down their thoughts on paper as easily or answer comprehension questions. My issue is, he should technically be in book 4 but because he struggles so much should I just put him in level 1? Since it's designed for younger students, and has shorter work, maybe he can do a couple of lessons in a day and try to breeze t
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