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  1. Has anyone ever completed each of these in a semester? We do science everyday as they love it...Science in the Beginning 4th and 5th graders. Looking at next year and they want to do both. Suggestions experiences welcomed and appreciated. They will be 5th and 6th grade next year. My thinking is maybe 3 days Anatomy 2days Astronomy or Astronomy 1st semester and Anatomy 2nd semester Thank you
  2. What do you use for world history middle school? Just looking for suggestions/experiences from anyone that could offer their advice. Thank you
  3. Just looking for experiences in using Beautiful Feet History of Science. We love history and science so I was drawn to this and wanted to get some input from those that might have used it.
  4. Is there a benefit to using an accredited school as an umbrella school? Friends tell me I need to go accredited but I'm reading colleges look more at Act Sat scores, GPA, community service etc vs accreditation. I've even read that a lot of public schools are not even accredited. Granted I've also seen it said that it is easier to transfer credits from homeschool to public school though we are not even to that point in time yet. We are new to homeschool 4th & 5th grades. Just like knowing our options. So far the ones I've looked at are Category IV schools...only found a couple of Category I
  5. I read mostly good reviews on God's design but one said they quit using it because she was having to search internet and Pinterest for activities to make it more of a full curriculum??? Do you find it sufficient for 4th grade thru 6/7th?
  6. Thank you for the insight. I think we may use them for math and L/A but from what I've seen not history or science. Those are my girls 2 favorite subjects and would like to explore little more with those areas.
  7. I was looking at God's Design as well. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  8. Thank you. I will definitely check out Story the world as well
  9. I was thinking CLE for math and L/A and Notgrass for history but know I would have to find another curriculum for 4th year middle school. They said they have a 4th curriculum in the works but no release date yet.
  10. Thank you for the advice..you mentioned several above that I have been considering..Notgrass, berean builders being the 2 I'm leaning toward.
  11. I've also heard that Abeka and BJU are dry as well??? Any suggestions..I like what I am seeing with Notgrass..any others you would recommend. My kids like history, historical fiction but have not been exposed to it as much as they would like (I would like more too) at public school. They are 4th and 5th grade.
  12. Has anyone used the light units for social studies or science from Christian Light Education? We like what we are seeing as far as the math and L/A but wondered about the other subjects. Also, we are new to homeschooling (4th&5thgrade) and have heard there are better curriculums out there other than Abeka,Bju,etc. So if anyone can offer better suggestions in their experience we would appreciate any ideas.
  13. If you use all 3 curriculum across 5th 6th and 7th. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL UNCLE SAM AND THEN ADAM TO US, What would you use for 4th year middle school?
  14. I agree that if not this year then next we will mix and match. I do like Cle math but have heard that their history &science don't compare to the quality of their math so we will be learning what works best as we go.
  15. Thank you..I am seeing that as I research that I will be more involved hands on especially since we don't care for the videos accompanying Bju and abeka. My girls really love history and historical fiction and just reading in general so a literature based curriculum might be our best Avenue so far. I appreciate the advice.
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