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  1. This book may help: The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child, by Alan E. Kazdin.
  2. Hello, Earthmerlin. I don't know those programs to learn French. I used Yabisí Español Santillana for two years because I was able to buy them online and receive them in the US by mail. We used them slowly, skipping a few sections in every chapter. Unfortunately, I discovered them too late; because of that, my son's interest level didn't match its lessons, so I decided to stop using the program. We sometimes used the Mexican books published by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), which are available online for free and include "Español", "Lecturas", Math, History, Science, P.E., and Art for every grade, The vocabulary in "Lecturas" was too advanced for my son, so I read some parts aloud, and he read the shorter and easier sections aloud. We used Singapore Math until 5th. grade, then Beast Academy, and now AoPS. We read the text and numbers in English and always discuss in Spanish how to solve the exercises, so my son's Math Vocabulary is still richer in Spanish than in English. He even memorized the multiplication tables in Spanish. I didn't find a way to teach him spelling in Spanish, and thought that studying Latin would cover grammar, vocabulary, and spelling in two languages (and several more). I read aloud fiction and non-fiction almost every day, and ask him to read aloud simpler texts. He reads very well in Spanish but is faster in English, so he prefers reading novels in English. I will keep trying. If you find a good way to teach spelling, please let me know. Some copy work and dictation may be enough, plus reading aloud to your child and asking him/her to read aloud and write with some frequency.
  3. I used Español Yabisí Santillana for a couple of years, which is a Puertorrican program for native Spanish speakers. I should have continued with it, but we were studying too many subjects then, so I decided to keep teaching my son English grammar intensively (as both grammars are similar in general), as well as reading fiction and non-fiction aloud to him every day. (We use Voyages in English 7.) I plan to go back to Spanish grammar eventually but probably only as a review, as this school year we are doing First Form Latin. I think that studying Latin will help my son's Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and spelling very much. What program do you use or are you considering?
  4. I have a sixth-grader. Since fifth grade we have used Voyages in English 2018, a secular program with Grammar and Writing. It is my favorite Grammar book, so we will continue with this program. I wish I had tried it much earlier. There are a heavy student book, a workbook, and a teacher edition per grade. I bought the student book and the workbook, but now we only utilize the first one. Every chapter uses a science, history, or literature topic for all its exercises. The book has many colorful photographs and some suggested readings. The last Grammar chapter is diagramming. It is an interesting book. The workbook is easier and much shorter than the student book. It contains one diagramming exercise per day. There are free resources online, including lesson plans. My son is bilingual and biliterate in Spanish and English. We started studying Latin last summer. I hope that you find this information helpful.
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