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  1. I tried to contact you about an item for sale but it says you cannot receive messages.

    1. Reefgazer


      Dang!  I don't know why.  I will try and clean out my messages; maybe that's t?  What item did you want?

    2. BJCole


      I was interested in the Marine Biology.  I will try to message you from it again.


  2. I have looked at past threads and saw the Marine Biology by Castro was a recommended book. For those who have used the book did you use just a student text and were there tests/quizzes at the end of the chapters?
  3. Can anyone tell me how the cds are for Breaking for Barrier? I heard the sample that is on their website and wasn't sure what that was supposed to be. There was no pronunciation just people talking and music.
  4. Thank you for the info. When you say workbook for Bien Dit, do you mean the 2 Cahier books? Are the answers to the Cahier books in the teacher's text?
  5. Thank you for replies. I will look at Breaking the Barrier. Has anyone tried public school text books like "Bien Dit"?
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