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  1. Thanks for the replies! So Bob Books would be Instructional level? Any recommendations for other series-type books similar to Bob Books suitable for First Grade Instructional-Level? Thanks again!
  2. Hello! I'm sure this has been addressed before but with the forum indexing still ongoing, I've not been able to find this in the Forum or through the Google Search instructions. My daughter will be entering 1st grade in August and this will be the first year we pursue the classical approach so I'm trying to get a big jump start on planning, purchasing materials, etc. In the Well Trained Mind, under Reading Skills three levels are mentioned: Instructional, At Level, and Below Level. These make sense to me, but I'm puzzled as to what exactly "instructional" readings would be. We are using the Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading for Phonics. At the end of the chapter on Grammar Stage Reading there are a lot of suggestions as to at level and below level books ("Click Clack Moo", The Frances series, etc.) but nothing regarding instruction other than Phonics. If someone here could either point me to a previous post about this or give me a hint as to what "instructional level" reading would be and/or recommend specific titles, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  3. For what it's worth . . . my mom forced me to get traditional braces over my strenuous objections while I was in high school. I urged her to spend the money on herself as I was not concerned about having crooked teeth and told her I had no intention of wearing a retainer. She proceeded and things went just as I said. Total waste of money. If compliance is a potential issue and there is any possible way to hold off, you might want to wait for more buy-in from him.
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