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  1. I'm the keeper of the Home School Abbreviations with Links page, and I'm going through it and updating the links. When I researched the Home Education Magazine link, I was saddened to read about the troubles Helen went through. I want to keep the entry there for future reference, but I'm not sure what would be appropriate to put there. Right now I just changed it to "a homeschooling magazine which operated from 1984 to approximately 2014". That seems kind of sparse and I'm not sure about the dates. Suggestions/corrections?
  2. I've added AAR to Home School Abbreviations with Links.
  3. It looks like they updated the page url but did not create a redirect for if. The official WTM abbreviations page is now at My signature was not showing for some reason, but I've re-saved it and it seems to be working again. Just in case it disappears again, here it is: Editor of Home School Abbreviations with Links (inspired by but not affiliated with WTM) Note: I've had problems getting notified when the Abbreviation Sticky topics are replied-to. If you don't hear from me within a couple of days, please use the "contact me" link on my abbreviations page to let me know. Thanks!
  4. Yay! For the first time since the forums switched to this interface, I've finally gotten an email notification when someone replied to a topic I am following! May it continue. :w00t: @Heidi, I've added both EIL links and descriptions. If you haven't seen my abbreviations page in a while, take a look! I migrated it to WordPress so it is *much* easier to update, not to mention that it looks a whole bunch nicer. :001_smile:
  5. I'm getting ready to sell my Jones Geniuses math sets and have accounted for everything based on the website information except that the website says that Math 6 includes exponent cards. I have a set of exponent cards for Math 8, but can't find a second set anywhere. They aren't shown in the picture, but I don't know how accurate the picture is. Does anyone have Math 6 and can check?
  6. Here is my abbreviation page: but it is slowly getting out-of-date, because I am no longer getting email notifications when someone replies to this topic. :-( If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. I get email notifications for other things (such as when someone likes a post of mine), but I haven't gotten notified when some replies to a topic I am following since the new forums were created, even though I am "following" all the abbreviation topics, and I have notification set to get immediate emails when someone posts to topics I'm following. It makes me really sad because I put in a lot of work on the page and had a lot of help doing it, but now it is suffering from dry rot. If you have any abbreviations that you'd like me to add to my page, please use the "contact me" link on that page. Thanks, Debbie D.
  7. Let me know if this looks right, and I'll add it to my abbreviations page: Classic House of Learning Literature
  8. Ah! I think that's happened to me another time too. I wish we could set an option to get notified for all posts, whether we follow the link in the notification or not. Just FEI (for everyone's information -- I made that up ;)), I can also be reached through the mail link on my abbreviations page. Thanks for solving the mystery, Marie! :hurray:
  9. This is odd -- I got notification for Marie's reply but not for UndercoverPrincess's question. It looks like my link was out-of-date, so I fixed that; thanks Marie!
  10. Thank you for the link! I've added it to my abbreviations page (see my sig).
  11. Thanks! I've updated my abbreviations page.
  12. From my abbreviations page (link below): MEP "Mathematics Enhancement Programme," a free British math curriculum WWE "Writing with Ease," Susan Wise Bauer's writing-instruction series designed for elementary-aged writers and older students who still struggle; published by Peace Hill Press Hope this helps!
  13. Easy to get confused with all the abbreviations floating around! :) Let me know if you find out that there is a math-oriented homeschool definition for MCT - sometimes the same abbreviations are used for more than one thing.
  14. From my abbreviations page (see link in my sig below): "Michael Clay Thompson" language arts curriculum (grammar, vocabulary, poetry and writing) published by Royal Fireworks Press. Special homeschool packages are available.
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