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  1. When my oldest was two, she knew her letters and sounds so I decided to start OPGTR. We zoomed through the first lessons on letter sounds (I can't skip...type A personality and all). I am a big fan of the book. She is 3 and on lesson 113 and we are actually taking a break from learning anything new and just practicing reading fluency with Bob Books and other early readers from the library to master what she has learned. I did not think it moved slowly at all. It is (as the earlier mother said) VERY thorough and I like that! I also like that it goes from non-reader to master reader...not K reading, 1st grade reading, 2nd grade reading, like other programs do. And, it can be used over and over (less money in the long run if you have a lot of kids) because there are no workbooks - I like that!
  2. I started OPG when my dd was 2. One year later, we are on lesson 113 but she still isn't reading fluently. She can zoom through the first set of Bob books but I was thinking that her reading would need to go along with what she is learning (long vowels). The Bob books with long vowels are too long and take us about 2-3 days to get through (she reads to me 30 min/day) because she still sounds out most words. He gets the phonics completely, but the fluency has not come yet. I hear it just takes time and practice but my question is...should I drop her down to "her level" reading? I know you will say "yes" but then I am afraid she will forget what she just learned...suggestions? I've never taught anyone to read before so I don't really know what to expect.
  3. 3 yo dd: Ordinary Parents Guide..., Bob Books, Abeka Math (K), HWT (K) 20 mo dd: coloring, #s & letters puzzle TOGETHER: Bible Story, scripture memorization and fun reading (something from the sonlight prek list) 2 mo ds: nursing and being as cute as ever I would like to do Mudpies as well but just haven't found the time/organization/inspiration (take your pick) As soon as mine drop their morning nap (20 mo or so), I start "school": coloring, #s puzzle, ABC puzzle, and Scripture memorization, and fun reading (learn to sit still), which took about 10-20 min. By the time my oldest was 2, she knew all the letters and sounds and could count to 20. So, at 2, school looked like this: Ordinary Parent's Guide..., Bible Story, Scripture memorization, number recognition with puzzle, and fun reading. At 2 1/2 I added Abeka Math and HWT kindergarten. I started school at 30 min. and now we are up to about 1 1/2hr for my 3 year old. I know it seems like a lot but I just took it one step at a time, went at my daughter's pace, and moved on when I felt she could handle it. She just turned 3 and is reading at a LATE kindergarten level. She's not that far in math but why stop reading just to be on the same level? I thought maybe she was just smart but my 20 mo is moving at relatively the same pace thus far. I just think if you offer learning to your child, you would be surprised how much they can do. We do not expect enough of our children as a nation in my opinion.
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