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  1. Gosh I love this community. Thank you for all of the suggestions. SilverMoon I looked through that thread previously and it just made me more confused about what to do! 😂 8FillTheHeart I’m laughing. I love that we have the same daughter! I’ve pretty much decided that we’re not going to start prealgebra until 7th. I think she could use another year of math before starting. But now I need to decide what to do this year.... i ordered MAth Mammoth 6 and Singapore 6 standards to compare... honestly, I’m intrigued by MM 6. It seems to cover a bit more and have more practice... am I
  2. 8FillTheHeart I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to respond and sharing your expertise. Thank you! I have a lot of research to do. I cannot lie - I’ve been reading through the AoPS excerpts online and loving them. At this point I’m leaning towards continuing with Primary Mathematics 6 stds or using MM 6 then starting pre-algebra in 7th.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Can I ask what curriculum you used for your other children? What’s the best way to compare and research the different approaches for algebra and up? I think I have a huge gap here and I’m not sure how to get the info I need without purchasing and looking at all of the different options.
  4. HomeAgain that math curriculum selector is amazing! I just took the test and my top score is the curriculum we’re using, so that’s encouraging 😉 I’ve also been using Rainbow Resource and peeking around on Amazon. I do like to give Rainbow Resource the business because their curriculum advisors have been so incredibly helpful.
  5. I'm so interested in where you seasoned homeschool parents purchase curriculum and which websites have the best return policy? I'd like to purchase a several different math curricula to compare and then return the ones that I don't want. I so wish there were a homeschool store near me!
  6. Thank you, calbear. I'm not necessarily looking to continue Singapore, but I will look at DM. I've heard that its more common core aligned.... not sure how I feel about that. Been looking at AOPS website on an off all afternoon. It's difficult, because I know it's something that I would like! I'm still on the fence about my daughter. She absolutely loves reading, so she might actually like it. Do you have any experience with VideoText or Math Mammoth?
  7. Hi. I posted last week about DD (age 11) who will be in sixth grade. We’ve been doing Singapore standards and just finished grade 5. I initially started to look for another curriculum because Singapore standards doesn’t have an HIG. And we then started to consider pre algebra. Now that DD has heard my husband and I talk about the possibility of doing pre algebra, she really want to try it. I had her take the AOPS readiness test, which says you should get 22/26 to be ready. She scored 21/26 ... one of those incorrect answers was a silly multiplication mistake (she knows her mult facts) an
  8. Did you give your son a math mammoth placement test before switching? How was the transition and what does he think of MM compared to SM?
  9. How did you find the teachers guide for SM standards? I’ve been told that it’s the same info as the HIG but organized differently. I really don’t want to switch to US edition if we don’t have to. i do like your point about benefitting from a year of review. Can I ask why you would have chosen Math mammoth over SM? Mans have you decided which curriculum to use after SM6?
  10. Thank you - can I ask why you recommend switching to Math mammoth for a year or two before algebra? I admittedly know nothing about it!
  11. Thank you so much for your reply! I will look through all of the links you sent. So if Singapore 6 is essentially pre-algebra, do you think i would need to choose a pre-algebra curriculum for 7th grade or start with algebra? I feel like I’m still on the fence as to whether we should stick with Singapore 6 this year or switch curriculum and start pre-algebra.
  12. We have been using Singapore/Primary Mathematics, standards edition since we started homeschooling my daughter in 2nd grade. She is now about to be a 6th grader and I'm a little stuck on what to do this year. I would love to hear some input from some of you seasoned homeschool parents! A little background on my daugher: she is a very advanced reader and her strongest subjects are literature and history. She doesn't love math. Singapore Math has been wonderful, but she does get frustrated sometimes with the problems in the workbook/tests. She is a child who would prefer you give her a form
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